World water crisis

How Daharavi lives without clean water

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Daharavi slum

Daharavi is one of the biggest slums in Asia and the world. Daharavi is in the suburbs of Mumbai it is known for being poor and dirty. Daharvi has about 1 million people living in the conditions that are very bad. The water is extremely dirty and only having one toilet per 1,440 people most people use the local rivers that spread diseases, which are very contagious. Daharavi has been featured in different Indian films as well because of what happens there.

Darharavi has had many redevelopment plans since 1997 so they could make it a lot better but it has never really happened there has been an estimate of 2.5 billion US dollars to redevelop Daharavi.Different companies have had a bid to redevelop it but not much has changed they plan to make proper schools, homes, roads and parks.

Everyday life in Darhavi is hard there have it really tough not having basically anything clean around them. Water is hard to get because it is so dirty and unsafe to drink. The streets are dirty and small. People walk long distances to bring food and water back and materials so they can make things to sell. Children don’t have a great education and a lot of them help a lot at home with their mums and dads. People work very long hours so they can help support their family’s most don’t make a lot of money about 185 rupees ($4/£2.20) Is all for a month. If they had access to basic things that were not as good as the things we use there lives would become so much easier and cleaner, healthier and happy.

Trip to Dharavai

When I went to Dharavai I was shocked at the living conditions and how dirty and bad the water was. Men and women work so hard for not much money at all under these conditions were is is so hot everyday. Kids leave school to help family’s and that means that they don’t get any education only from what they learn leaving which means helping getting water, food and materials. They cook with dirty things and clean in dirty water, sicknesses here are very contiguous and can kill it is also hard to get the right medicines here because a lot cannot afford it. Dharavai has meant to gone under redevelopment a lot of times since 1997 but still has not much has happened.We are very lucky that we can live the lives we do in Australia because we have clean things and get opportunities were the people in Dharavai don’t they have to work so hard and its very unfair that this happens to them. It makes me feel sad to see this happen to them what they have to go through everyday they would feel dirty from the dirtiness of everywhere they go. I have seen a lot in Darahavai I have seen people work in extreme conditions, Children working, beggars and a lot more. I want to help them and I hope that some reconstruction will happen soon and people can be happy, clean and healthy and have better facilities and education.