Digital Citizenship Project

Neveah S., Period 3

What is Digital Citizenship?

Digital Citizenship is...

Why is good Digital Citizenship Important for everyone to practice?

It is important for everyone to practice good digital citizenship because...

Rule #1: Digital Etiquette

Rule#1: digital Etiquette means to be kind to others online and to be respectful to others.

like make sure you don't have your caps lock on because and then they will thank your yelling at them. and digital Etiquette is not for mean comments it is for good comments.

Rule#2 Information privacy

Rule#2 Information privacy means you gotta be careful who are giving your information to online because there are people online that uses your information to take all of your money in your bank account. And they also use your information to take your identity and those people are called spammers and when they use your information to take your identity it ruins your life.