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Finding the joy in forgiving

Hearing the music that awaits you

If you are just joining in the classes, reading the newsletters for the first time or accepting the challenges of the past, I say WELCOME! I encourage you to take the Fall Cleansing Class that has you write down a few JOYS each day. You will find that as the previous release just before this one :) Go ahead, look it up and read, relax and reflect- I will be here when you get back!!

Make sure you have a good block of time to read the entries to truly soak up the words and thoughts written to let it find its way to your heart. So grab a coffee, cocoa or crisp clean water and snuggle in that comfy space and let's begin!

When you really are listening, there is a music that awaits your mind, body and soul. You will be finding inner PEACE, living FREELY and realizing NO other human that surrounds you is perfect, including YOU. ... EVERYONE makes mistakes.


Forgiveness is not easy

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where someone has hurt your feelings by a comment or action? Do you carry a pain from the past? Have you been violated and live that over and over? How about a relationship that didn't go the way you had planned?

People enter our lives for a reason. I truly believe that. 100% without a doubt. For if were spared pains - no matter what they are... I would be perfect. Do you think you may be perfect? I am here to say, I am far from perfect and I am glad! Why? You may ask?? If I were perfect I would surely not be the person I am today. Because of my hurts and learning valuable lessons in life, I have grown leaps and bonds. I have fell to my knees many times seeking the power of God to hear my cries. He listens! I personally found and accepted Jesus as my Savior as a young girl. I have walked closely with Him ever since. I am still NOT perfect nor ever will be. Yet having that relationship is freeing. Having faith is not only enriching to our souls and uplifting to our spirit but it changes your attitude towards life and your journey. It changes the way you view others as well as when you look in the mirror.

Daily, people will sin. We are human. We were created with emotions and desires. Some are competitive while others are helpers. Some are content with the small things in life while others are reaching for the stars. Some will continue searching all their lives for what is right under their noses. Take a look at what makes you in the drivers seat. Is it power, careers, money, relationships, philanthropy, being alone, full calendars or ? I don't want to say there is any wrong answers because it takes a fine balance of a mix of adrenaline and rest as well as faith and humility to fulfil your life here on Earth. Yet I will say, when you place too much energy in the places where you seem to back step, begin with yourself and ask what YOU can do to bring calm to you life and comfort to your heart and why is it that you are seeking so badly for something not being rewarded to you.

Answers do not always come in YOUR timing. So be prepared to wait. This is the lesson. Answers are not always what you WANT. This, too is the lesson. Remember IF things all went our way, we would not need anyone... We would eventually not want anyone and we would not need faith. Because... you would have everything. That simply will never be so dealing with that NOW is crucial. During our lifetime so many people will come and go. Getting hurt is inevitable. Dealing with that NOW is also crucial. Just as YOU GET HURT by someone's actions or words or decisions, being intended OR unintended...YOU TOO WILL hurt others along the way. Understanding that NOW is CRUCIAL. So the lesson is also Action= Reaction and lack there of & visa versa. No one is exempt. This is natural.

The power to FORGIVE is one of the BEST THINGS YOU CONTROL. To be FORGIVEN is awesome and necessary to move forward and to FORGIVE is NECESSARY to move forward as well.

You hold the KEY to truly moving forward

The power to FORGIVE is one of the BEST THINGS, YOU, CONTROL. It is a KEY to unlocking your journey forward. To be FORGIVEN is awesome and to FORGIVE others is NECESSARY to move forward. You may not realize just how much of the pain you are holding on to that hinders you within. By avoiding topics or suppressing events that have hurt you, you are simply not dealing with them. Thinking they will go away? No. They don't. They fester and they make you change into a different person in many ways.

Communication is always best

Many people may not even realize they have hurt someone. I still have to believe that there is more good than evil in the world. We all have to seek the good and live the good to produce more good, right? Yet I do believe there are some that want to hurt others just to gain there own rewards, their own self struggle has them confused as to what is good.

Communication is the start. If you hurt, IMMEDIATLY have a discussion about it to THAT PERSON (s)... Not necessary to include others. Allow that person to explain why they did what they did and let them know how you feel. If there is still a divide in seeing things the same way or resolving their reasoning... THAT IS OK!! We will NOT ALL see life from the same perspective and YOU must be willing to UNDERSTAND AND ACCEPT that. This allows YOU to move forward. Whether or not a relationship is kept is not the point. It is about FORGIVING. It is releasing the damage that has been done to you. Not placing blame to others.

Once time has passed and you realize you are harboring pains from a time of your life, you must revisit that time and deal with it. For example: divorce, loss of a loved one, loosing a job, not having a certain friend any longer. Maybe it is people not speaking ,you not being where you think you should be in life... etc. If there is a person or people you can talk with I say DO IT NOW. If there is a void where you cannot revisit due to time past and that person no longer accessible, then seek a support group or single person with whom you trust will really listen to your heart and truly offer you the opportunity to seek the power of accountability as well as letting go of what happened. This way you are accepting things that you can not change AND forgiving those who hurt you from that event in life. You will find this journey filled with rewards and weight lifted off of YOUR shoulders simply because YOU were carrying them around.

By living a life with a deep suffering, whether you see it or not- you are allowing this burden to change your good heart and it dampens the warm future that is out there for you to fully embrace, enjoy and be excited to share with others.

Remember, true forgiveness is not easy. Someone did something to hurt you. yet forgiveness is the key to opening the door to a better future.

It is not about keeping every person in your life, it Is about facing the events, dealing with it, forgiving the sin and moving yourself forward in life with or without the sinner.

Dance to your music and show others the JOYS in your step.