Schleicher County

By: Reece Reynolds

Basic Information

In April 1887 Schleicher county was named after a German immigrant who was named Gustav Schleicher. He soon became a very important man who became a surveyor and a politician. In 1890 the county soon had hit a population of 155, with a count of whom 134 were listed white, 4 black, and 17 as American Indian. It includes two major highways including U.S Highway 190, and U.S Highway 277 both of which go to different parts of the county. Schleicher county is located in West Texas 290 miles inland from the gulf of Mexico and 90 miles Northeast of the Texas-Mexico boundary.

Schleicher Fun facts

In Schleicher county, It includes a varity of animals you might see when walking down a nice park road. These animals might be from Racoons to Deer. When riding down a simple highway in Schleicher or even a road, off to the side might be some type of flower, espically the blue bonnetts. Schleicher county was mainly a place for people from America to come and ranch and farm, One of these families was even named after my last name "Reynolds!" Many people had come from America in the 1900s, it was the time of chaos in America when land had costed much more than in Texas. Schleicher county is located in the Edwards Plateau which covers much of south-western Texas.