Wildcat Weekly

September 23 -27, 2019

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This Week's Schedule

Monday, September 23 – B Day

Club Applications available

Tuesday, September 24 – A Day

B Soccer @ Barlow 6:30 pm

G Soccer vs. Tualatin 7:00 pm

Volleyball vs. Aloha 6:45 pm

Wednesday, September 25- B Day

Thursday, September 26 - A Day

Bus Evacuation Drill 9:30 am

B Soccer vs. Clackamas 7:00 pm

G Soccer @ Wilson HS 7:00 pm

Volleyball @ Beaverton 6:45 pm

Friday, September 27 – B Day

Football @ Beaverton 7:00 pm

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Upcoming Dates:

September 28 – Cross Country @ Blue Lake Park

October 1 – FAFSA/ORSAA Scholarship Night 6:00-8:00 pm

October 3 – Back to School Night 6:30 pm

October 9 – Mandatory Senior Class Meeting during community 10:35 pm

October 11 – Staff Development – No Students

October 14 – Pink Week at Westview

October 15 & 16 – Jostens taking senior orders during lunches

October 17 & 18 – October 17 & 18 – Club Rush during 7th & 8th periods in upper gym

October 17-19 – Westview Theater presents Junie B Jones Is Not A Crook

October 19 – Band Camp

October 23 – Choir Concert 7:00 & 8:15 pm

October 25 – Picture re-takes, library 7:00 am – 2:00 pm

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Photos From the Week

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Homecoming Dance Information

We are excited for our Homecoming Dance this weekend.

Dance starts at 7:00pm

No student admitted after 8:30pm

Dance ends at 10:00pm

  • Please make plans to pick your student up at 10pm
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Chromebook Insurance

Hello WHS community,

Some important dates and information regarding the technology at Westview.

➱ All WHS students are expected to have a school-issued Chromebook or a personal laptop fully charged and with them at school every day.

All families were automatically charged the Chromebook Damage and Loss Protection fee of $20.

All students are automatically enrolled in the District’s Chromebook Damage/Loss Protection Program to financially protect the student against damage or loss. The fee is $20 per school year per Chromebook, up to a maximum of $60 per school year per family. The fee is waived for families who qualify for the free or reduced meal benefits program and have completed the Permission to Share Form.

➱ Though your account was charged, you do not have insurance until the fee has been paid.

➱ On October 18, 2019, the payment option will be removed and you will no longer have the option to pay.

That means that if you checked out a device, but did not pay the protection fee, you are NOT covered for the rest of the school year. You are charged $300.00 for the device if it lost or damaged.

➱ What is NOT coverage under the Damage/Loss Protection Program.

The new Chromebooks use an USB-C power cord. If you lose or damage it, the replacement cost is $30. The new Chromebooks also have a hidden stylus in the back cover. If you lose or damage it, the replacement cost is $15.

➱ Can I opt out of a BSD supplied device?

Yes. If you choose to opt out of having a BSD chromebook, please return the device and charger to the library as soon as possible.

➱ What if you have your own device?

If you are planning to bring your own device you must agree to bring it every day to class. BSD assumes no responsibility for your device if it lost, damaged or stolen. The “Bring Your Own Device” form is available through this link: Link To Form to Decline Chromebook Damage/Loss Coverage

➱ The device requires wifi, but I do not have access to wifi at home.

Please also note that if you do not have reliable access to Wi-Fi at home, you automatically qualify to receive a free Wi-Fi hotspot thanks to a grant from the Sprint 1Million Project. The Sprint 1Million program is available to high school students. Middle school students may check out a Kajeet hotspot for the school year if needed. Applications for this free Wi-Fi program are available in the library.

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Back to School Night October 3

A draft schedule is below:

Be sure you can access your student's schedule on ParentVue

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The Wildcat Way

Last week we discussed the "Wildcat Way" with all of our students during our community/advisory classes. We are driven to provide a safe and welcoming environment for all of our students.
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Beaverton Education Foundation Phone-a-Thon October 9-17 - Answer the Call!

The 21st Beaverton Education Foundation Phone-a-thon takes place October 9-17, 2019. This annual dialing tradition provides critical funds that support innovative educational programs for students in the Beaverton community. During the five-fun-filled nights, more than 350 student volunteers make over 30,000 phone calls, dedicating their time, energy and enthusiasm to supporting BEF programs.

Last year, BEF served over 27,000 Beaverton students in grades K-12, funding 124 academic programs or projects. Through this funding from our supporters and community engagement, $390,603 was invested back into our schools.

This year our goal is to fund 130 projects impacting 30,000 students. Together, we will make it happen.

The Phone campaign and the associated mailings are the Foundations largest fundraising activity of the year. Funds raised are reinvested in a wide variety of after and summer school programs for students at all of Beaverton public schools. Please Answer the Call for our students!
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HOSA International Leadership Conference

This Summer, HOSA State finalists from Westview, Pranav Mandyam, Albert Lu, Rushi Surampudi, Sarah He, Shamama Khan,Sophie Ong, Udaya Balamurugan, and Vignesh Bhaskar competed at HOSA International Leadership Conference, Orlando, Florida.

Pranav Mandyam was one of the top 10 National finalists for Bio Medical Laboratory Sciences.

HOSA provides a unique program of leadership development, motivation, and recognition exclusively for secondary, postsecondary and collegiate students, who wish to pursue health careers.

Special thank you to our Westview teachers, Ms. Menzia, Mr. Mak and Ms. Morgon for their support with Westview HOSA.

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Canvas for Parents

Did you know...Beaverton School District parents can create their own Canvas Parent Observer Accounts.

The Canvas Learning Management System (LMS) is used by many middle and high school teachers as an extension to in-class instruction. Teachers using Canvas can post assignments, give feedback, and communicate with students

Parents or guardians do not need a Canvas account to monitor student progress, you can continue to use ParentVUE; however, you can create a Canvas account to view more detailed assignment information, view feedback and communicate with the teacher.

Think of Canvas as a virtual backpack, giving you a look at the day-to-day assignments. ParentVUE will still be the source for attendance and permanent record grades.

Visit the BSD Canvas webpage to learn more about how to create your own Canvas account, as well as answers to frequently asked questions.

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September is Attendance Awareness Month

Good attendance habits are developed in the first month of the school year, and when it comes to attendance, every day matters. According to the Oregon Department of Education, more than one in six students is chronically absent. Chronic absenteeism means a student misses 10% or more school days. That’s about two days per month.

Regular attendance will help children do well in elementary school, secondary school, college and at work. According to the Attendance Works Organization, by 6th grade, absenteeism is one of three signs that a student may drop out of school. By 9th grade, regular and high attendance is a better predictor of graduation rates than 8th-grade test scores.

Attendance habits are set the very first week of the school year, so please start building good attendance habits early. As a parent, you can help by establishing a regular bedtime and morning routine. You can also avoid medical appointments during school hours, as well as extended trips when school is in session. We will be sharing more helpful tips and information throughout the school year.

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Vaping - Please talk with your student

In the news, we are seeing a lot of illnesses and deaths related to vaping and electronic cigarettes. These substances can harm development and definitely do not allow our students to be their best. We want to be certain everyone knows the risks involved. Here is a website with more details: Quick facts on vaping and e-cigarettes.
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Student Success Act

Speak Up 4 Student Success: HB 3427 - Student Success Act

The Oregon Legislature passed and the Governor signed the $2 billion Student Success Act (HB 3427) in Spring 2019. This is an historic and much needed investment in K-12 schools. The Beaverton School District could be able to access an estimated $34 million per year through a state application process.

School districts are required to apply for funds, and must engage their community in a needs assessment process prior to the application for funds. We will host a series of Community Conversations - Speak Up 4 Student Success in several locations throughout the BSD. Schools will also be engaging their communities in these conversations during September and October.

Please join us to talk about what student success looks like in the Beaverton School District? What is going well in Beaverton schools? What areas/services/programs could we improve?

Your voice matters! We welcome your perspective and opinion.

Speak Up 4 Student Success Community Conversations offered in English & Spanish:

· Tuesday, September 24, 2019 at Southridge High School, 6:30 - 8:00 p.m.

· Thursday, September 26, 2019 at Cedar Park Middle School, 6:30 - 8:00 p.m.

· Monday, October 7, 2019 at Stoller Middle School, 6:30 - 8:00 p.m.

· Monday, October 21, 2019 at Aloha High School, 6:30 - 8:00 p.m. (Budget Listening & Learning Session)

For more information, and to complete a BSD Needs Survey, please visit the Student Success Act webpage.

De su Opinión sobre el Éxito Estudiantil: HB 3427 - Ley de Éxito Estudiantil

La Legislatura de Oregon aprobó y el Gobernador firmó la Ley de Éxito Estudiantil de $ 2 billones (HB 3427) en la primavera de 2019. Esta es una inversión histórica y muy necesaria en las escuelas K-12. El Distrito Escolar de Beaverton podría acceder a un estimado de $ 34 millones por año a través de un proceso de solicitud estatal.

Se requiere que los distritos escolares soliciten fondos y deben incluir a su comunidad en un proceso de evaluación de necesidades antes de la solicitud de fondos. Organizaremos una serie de conversaciones comunitarias para qué de su opinión sobre el Éxito Estudiantil, en varios lugares del BSD. Las escuelas también incluirán a sus comunidades en estas conversaciones durante septiembre y octubre.

Por favor, vengan para hablar sobre el éxito estudiantil en el Distrito Escolar de Beaverton. ¿Qué está funcionando bien en las escuelas de Beaverton? ¿Qué áreas, servicios y programas podríamos mejorar?

¡Su voz es importante! Agradecemos su perspectiva y opinión.

Las conversaciones comunitarias para que de su opinión sobre el éxito estudiantil serán en inglés y español:

· Martes, 24 de septiembre de 2019 en Southridge High School, 6:30 - 8:00 p.m.

· Jueves, 26 de septiembre de 2019 en Cedar Park Middle School, 6:30 - 8:00 p.m.

· Lunes, 7 de octubre de 2019 en Stoller Middle School, 6:30 - 8:00 p.m.

· Lunes, 21 de octubre de 2019 en Aloha High School, 6:30 - 8:00 p.m. (Sesión Informativa del Presupuesto)

Para obtener más información y para completar una encuesta de necesidades de BSD, visite la página web Student Success Act

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All families with seniors are invited to attend the Beaverton School District's Financial Aid Night. The event will cover information on the FAFSA, ORSAA, and scholarships, then end with hands-on FAFSA/ORSAA workshop. Join us on October 1st at Westview High School from 6-8pm or Aloha High School on October 3rd from 6-8pm.
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Parking and Traffic Flow

We want to make you aware of our current parking situation at Westview High School. Most neighborhoods surrounding Westview now have restricted parking on their streets. They have signs posted on their streets that say "No Parking Except By Permit." Please do not park in their neighborhoods to avoid ticket fees and/or potential towing.

Traffic flow before and after school can be chaotic. We would like to minimize the chaos as much as possible by establishing clear routes for drop-off and pick-up locations. We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding. The true secret to arriving to school on-time and with less traffic is arriving early.

The traffic route on the North-side is for drop-offs, and the other traffic route is on the South-side for student drivers. On the South-side, remember that students are parking and then walking to the building. We do not want any drop-offs happening here. Please do not drop off students on the South side. All Drop-offs should only happen on the North Side. Please follow the route on the map.

Parents and Students, please be kind, respectful, and follow all traffic and parking rules when driving and parking on school grounds.

For those who are wanting to purchase a parking permit, more information coming soon.

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Yearbook and Senior Portrait Information

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Daily Class/Bell Schedule

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Important Phone Numbers and Support Information

Attendance Phone: 503-356-3022

Main Office Phone: 503-356-3020

Counselor Alpha List:

Mr. Baker (A-Caq) patrick_baker@beaverton.k12.or.us

Ms. Budhi (Car-Fo) amanda_budhi@beaverton.k12.or.us

Mr. Shaw (Fr-Ji) tim_shaw@beaverton.k12.or.us

Mr. Rosser (Jk-Mb) forrest_rosser@beaverton.k12.or.us

Dr. Wright (Mc-Pg). megan_wright@beaverton.k12.or.us

Ms. Stremme (Ph-Sr) tanya_stremme@beaverton.k12.or.us

Ms. Pearson (Ss-Z) hope_pearson@beaverton.k12.or.us

Admin Alpha List:

Mrs. Myers (A-Ji) tina_myers@beaverton.k12.or.us

Mrs. Fitzpatrick (Jo-Pg) diane_fitzpatrick@beaverton.k12.or.us

Mr. Westhora (Ph-Z) david_westhora@beaverton.k12.or.us

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From the College Career Center:

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Performing Arts Department

This fabulous season pass is good for one ticket at each of our scheduled productions this year. Reserved seating tickets for the musical will be available to you prior to the general public. Join the Westview High School Performing Arts Department for this wonderful season of shows:

Junie B. Jones Is Not A Crook

The Beaux’ Stratagem

Give My Regards To Broadway


The Giver

Annual One-Act Play Festival

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AVID Volunteer Tutors Needed for the 2019-2020 School Year

AVID Volunteers are needed in all secondary schools (middle schools, options schools and high schools).

AVID=Advancement Via Individual Determination

The Beaverton AVID Program teaches students the skills and behaviors necessary for academic success in high school, college and beyond.

  • AVID volunteers (we call them 'tutors') work with small groups of students under the supervision of a teacher.
  • Volunteers are trained to use specific strategies that help develop students’ critical thinking, literacy, and math skills.
  • Volunteers are needed mainly on Tuesdays & Thursdays, and times vary depending on the school and volunteer's availability.
  • Training and ongoing support provided.
  • Community or Parent Volunteer Application and Background Check required.

For more information contact: BSD-AVID-Tutor@beaverton.k12.or.us

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For information on Westview athletics click the link below.

Westview Athletics

Click the banner below for upcoming athletic events.

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We routinely post announcements, celebrations and highlights on our Instagram page.


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We are a community that inspires students to believe in themselves and successfully

advocate for their future goals.

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