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EASTER TERM - WEEK 11 - Friday 27th March


Wow! The Easter Term in Grade 4 really has flown by. Fortunately, our learning in Language Arts has kept pace and the students have worked with true purposefulness, excellence and enthusiasm throughout.

The term has taken us on an amazing journey of creativity. It has seen them learning how to apply their language skills to a real variation of reading, writing, speaking, listening and performing activities based on our Performance Poetry and Information Text genres.

The highlight was undoubtedly our Performance Poetry unit. Amongst other writing techniques, the students were taught to see everyday objects with poet’s eyes, use precise vocabulary to create images and to add feelings and emotions to their poetry.

They were then taught a range of performance techniques that gave them the opportunity to bring their poetry to life. The culmination was an incredible evening of celebration where the students performed their poetry. An event that will live long in our memories!

In the second half of the term, the students continued to show their love of learning in our Information Texts unit. This required them to learn and apply a range of different strategies and techniques to meet the purpose and audience of this particular genre.

The students are currently publishing their texts and early in the summer term, the fruits of their learning will be celebrated and enjoyed.


This weeks session began with the question, How would you like your audience to feel at the end of reading your information text? The children brainstormed the following list of responses:-

  • inspired.
  • wanting to read more
  • that they'd learned something new
  • informed
  • entertained

"What tools do you have as an actor to ensure the audience feels that way?" probed Ms Bradley.

We participated in a task titled, "Power, Pace and Pause". We continued to use the technique of pause to build suspense and curiosity when sharing information. And we learned about the technique of pitch as well. We did some warm up games...Person A began by saying, "Let's go to the Park" as if it was the most exciting thing happening this evening. Person B was instructed to say. " no", until Person A really used their voice to convince them to go.

Then it was time to share our research facts with each other. We took turns as experts and learners. Who could most enthuse their learners with power, pace, pause and pitch?

We reflected on how the delivery of our facts and our voice changed after we shared our facts to several different people. We noticed that the experts began to use expressive faces, hands and body movements quite instinctively in their presentations. Energy and enthusiasm certainly built!

Finally, the children provided very thoughtful and specific reasons about why the experts were so engaging. We are looking forward to further dramatic experiences after the holidays.


Students have continued to work hard in Maths this term, showing diligence as well as cooperation during collaborative sessions. More and more students continue to receive a growing number of Mental Maths awards and we are pleased to see a consistently high standard in the quality and timeliness of the Maths homework.

Working with Mrs Chua once a week has strengthened the link between MY and UES and is helping to ensure a smooth transition as we move in to the final term of the academic year.

Keep up the great work!

Unit of Work (IPC)

Our IPC this week focused on our heart and lungs. We focused first on the workings of the human heart, with the children sharing their own knowledge of this before utilizing materials that helped us gain a more thorough insight into how the human heart operates.

The children practised finding their pulses and working out how many beats per minute their heart actually beats. Some children found they were right on the average (60-100bpm), while other heartbeats per minute were off the chart. The children also compared their heart beats after doing low, medium, and high impact exercises.

We also learnt that emotions and drinks like coffee can elevate our heart rates. We discussed how increasing the blood and oxygen flow of our bodies through exercise, help us to stay healthy and make us feel good. It also makes our most important muscle, the heart, grow stronger. We also got to do some work on our lungs and learn how they are our 'breathing machines'.

It has been an amazing term with IPC, and looking back we cannot believe how much we have done. Not only have we learnt more about our bodies but also more about how creative we can be as artists. Next term we will be completing our Being Human unit by looking into the worldwide problem of obesity, and what can be done about it, before heading into our final exciting unit of the Grade Four year, Weather and Climate.

Home Learning

Please seek permission from your parents or caregiver at home, before attempting to access any given websites shown.

Home Learning - Language Arts


Read a 'Just Right' book for 20 minutes or more each evening. Share and discuss with family members what you have read. Practice reading aloud in front of your family members using clear projection, fluency and expression.


Ear words that look the same but sound different!












Service is giving to others and wanting to make a difference in their lives. It is looking for ways to be helpful instead of waiting to be asked. The needs of others are as important to you as your own. When you work with a spirit of service, you give any job your best effort. You make a real contribution. People who want to be of service can change the world.

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