Informing Discovery College students about individuality

Indivivduality in DC

Many students in Discovery College conform with their peers; they are not individual. In the book Stargirl, the main character shows that being yourself can be beneficial in many ways. Expressing your interests, thoughts and feelings no matter what others might think about you will make you a self-contend, optimistic and happy person. But also relying on yourself by making your own choices, stating your own opinions and being in control of your actions will subsequently make you a highly motivated and successful student. On the opposite non-individual students feel pressured by their peers to conform in many ways. As they are worried about what others might think about them, they suppress their true personality which leads to less creativity and self satisfaction often resulting in an unhappy and insecure personality.

A meaningful quote about individualty

"He who loses his individuality loses all." - Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. This quote truly expresses the importance of individuality. Individuality should be the most prioritised aspect of ones life.

Ones biggest strength is ones individuality - Bruno Loeffler

What to do?

In oder to become a happy, self-confident and motivated student just follow your interests and ideas. Don't let yourself be pressured by anyone to do things you actually don't want to do. Don't worry about what others might think of your opinions and choices. Be yourself and you will be a be a creative, successful and happy member within the Discovery College community.

Discovery College's Individuality

We are becoming Individual. Join us