VBS Parrish 2014

At Virgil Mills Elementary - June 24-26

Woodland Community Church Parrish - Vacation Bible School

Coming Tuesday-Thursday, June 24, 25, and 26! FREE!
The Theme is "Discover, Decide, Defend!"
Ages 4 years to 5th grade.


Kids will begin their day as special agents by reporting to Headquarters for Worship Rally. Here kids will hear about the day’s assignment and how they will be collecting and logging evidence about the life of Jesus. As special agents they will examine eyewitness reports, physical proof, and biblical accounts to uncover and defend the truth about who Jesus really is.

After the debriefing, special agents will head to the Evidence Vault for Bible Study. Here kids will discover the answers to some common questions about Jesus and learn how to use the evidence to defend their faith. The Map Room will help organize and examine the evidence. Next, when our special agents enter the Lab they will create crafts that will enhance their ability to uncover more evidence. All special agents need to stay physically fit and that will be accomplished on the Training Grounds during recreation time. This of course works up an appetite and all our special agents will then head over to the Break Room for some snacks. The morning ends back at Headquarters where special agents re-examine the evidence of the day and learn the truth about Jesus!

Woodland VBS Parrish @ Virgil Mills

Tuesday, June 24th, 8:45am to Thursday, June 26th, 12pm

7200 69th St E

Palmetto, FL


You will be mailed a card a few days before VBS with your child’s class assignment. Your child will meet their teacher and class in the Virgil Mills School Cafeteria at 8:45 A.M. on the first day. Parent’s will pick up children from the Cafeteria at 12:00 P.M.

Please call the church office if you have any questions,753-8588.

Sponsored by Woodland Community Church Parrish