Super Bowl LI

I hope everyone enjoyed the game!

How will this lesson work?

We are going to work through this Super Bowl themed PBL together as a class. Break into groups. Each group needs an i-pad that has access to seesaw. Post each answer on seesaw in order to move on to the next part of the lesson. YOU MUST CHECK EACH ANSWER WITH MS. GREATHOUSE BEFORE MOVING ON! The group that finishes first gets a prize!!

1. Arthur Blank's Party

Arthur Blank, the Atlanta Falcon's owner is having a viewing party for the Super Bowl. He is ordering 5 pizzas for $17.83 each, 3 Dozen chicken fingers from Chick Fil A for $5.24 per dozen, and 4 Taco 12 Packs for $11.99 each.

How much did Arthur Blank for food at his viewing party?

2. Atlanta's first Rush!

In the Falcon's first major run, Freeman ran 37 yards! How many feet did he run?

3. Falcon's players are TALL!!!!

How many inches tall are all of these Falcon's players combined?
Tide | Super Bowl Commercial 2017 with Terry Bradshaw

4. The cost of a super bowl commercial...

If most Super Bowl commercials are normally $5,000,000 for every 30 seconds. If Tide's first commercial was 1 and 1/2 minutes long, how much did they spend on that ONE add? (BTW, they had at least 3 more after the first one...)


Lady Gaga preformed the half time show at Super Bowl LI. What kind of chemical and physical changes occured during the half time show? If there was a chemical change, what were the sings that a chemical change occured?

6. What can the Patriots do??

The score at Half Time was 3- New England, 21 - Atlanta Falcon's. How could New England get up to 21 points to tie the Falcons?

7. Brain Break!

Let's dance it out with Lady Gaga!

8. How does this video display the 7 mindsets?

Watch the following video and determine how it displays our 7 mindsets.


The score at the end of the third quarter was 9- New England , 28- Atlanta Falcons. How many touchdowns have the Falcons gotten at this point?

10-12. Super Bowl History

10. What year did the Super Bowl start in?

11. What teams competed against each other in the 25th Super Bowl?

12. In what year did the Falcon's go to the super bowl before 2017?

13. Each Quarter

There are 15 minutes in each quarter. How many seconds did the Falcon's play in Super Bowl LI?

14. George Bush Senior!

George Bush Senior flipped the coin at Super Bowl LI! How many years was a Bush in office for? (hint: George Bush Senior was the FIRST Bush that was in office.)


Super Bowl LI makes history!

16. How many cups of Gatorade did the Falcon's NOT get to throw on their coach?

If each large gatorade conatiner holds 10 gallons of fluid, how many cups of Gatorade did the Falton's NOT get to throw on their coach?

17. How many Pints?

18. How many Quarts?

19. How many Fluid Ounces?

20. Guess the Falcon's aren't going to Disney World....

Ms. Greathouse was going to make a really cool question about how the winning team goes to Disney World..... But I'm not going to Disney World with the Patriots. Now that the game is over.... you may go and add your favorite Disney character to Ms. Greathouse's International Day flag.
Beauty and the Beast – US Official Final Trailer