The Kite Runner

Khaled Hosseini


The Kite Runner is the story of two boys who grow up in 1970’s Afghanistan, Amir, the son of the wealthy businessman Baba, and Hassan, the son of the family's servant, Amirs companion. The novel depicts the similarities and the differences between the two countries and the two different cultures. It is a compelling story of fathers and sons, and friends and brothers. It is about the right and wrong and the nature of evil.

Author Biography

Khaled Hosseini was born in Kabul, Afghanistan, on March 4th, 1965. His father worked as a diplomat, in the Afghan Foreign Ministry. His mother taught Farsi (the Persian language) and history at a local high school. When Hosseini was 11 years old, in 1976, the Foreign Ministry relocated him in Paris, France. Four years later they were ready to move back, but were unable to travel to their home country due to the Saur Revolution and a bloodstained group. They were granted asylum in the United States in 1980 and moved to San Jose, California. In 1848, Hosseini graduated from his high school and went straight to get a bachelor's degree in biology at Santa Clara University. One year had passed and he now had enrolled in the University of California, San Diego. He earned his medical degree in 1993. Hosseini began writing his first novel in 2001, The Kite Runner, which was published in 2003. He published his sophomore novel in 2007, A Thousand Splendid Suns. His latest book And the Mountains Echoed, was published in 2011. Hosseini is a Goodwill Envoy for the UNHCR. He has been working to provide humanitarian assistance in Afghanistan with his group, The Khaled Hosseini Foundation. He lives in Northern California with his wife, Roya, and their two children.

American Experience.

As our nation is the one of a melting pot, The Kite Runner depicts the immigration experience coming into America. Amir is the cliche boy running from a war torn country to the Land of Milk and Honey. Its something that every American can relate to, since we all have a story of how our family arrived in our country. Amir’s story of him and his father living in San Francisco adds a factor of relatability to the reader, since not many Americans know or wish to know much about Middle Eastern culture and people. It acts like a gateway, but also as a reminder to us on the suffering our ancestors went through and the sacrifices they made in order to live in America.
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The Kite Runner stretches over a lot of countries and time periods. The first and most important, lies in Afghanistan. Even when the novel moves to the USA, Hosseini still depicts the community of the Afghan-Americans. The novel begins with Amir’s birth in 1963. The place looks extremely different compared to after the Soviet Union invades Afghanistan. Amir’s father owns a black Ford Mustang that everyone is envious of. Peace and prosperity covers the land until the late late ‘70s. Amir and Baba flee to the U.S. The two land in California, were the Taheris uphold strict traditional values. The Afghans gossip over their homeland with coffee. Later when Amir goes back to his country, it is in dismay. It was full of “rubble”. Hosseini presents the terrifying duo of religious extremism and violent opportunism.