The Progressive Era

By: Mike Stone

Who were the Progressives?

The Progressives were college educated people that lived mainly in cities and believed that they could use the government as a tool for change.

What were their motives?

To change america for the better an eliminate problems within the society like poverty, violence, greed, racism, class warfare.

Government Reform

Federal government reforms- The 17th amendment of 1913 was passed to forced senators to be more responsive to the public, the progressives pushed for the popular election.

State/local reforms- the state government stemmed from the desire to make the government more efficient and responsive to citizens they also believed that it was meant ti limit immigrants influences in local governments


Key events

1. Convince State legislature to adopt VOTE.

2. Pursue court cases to test the 14th amendment.

3. Push for a national constitutional amendment.

Key players

1. SUSAN B. anthony 1820-1906

2. ALICE PAUL, 1885-1977


Societal Reform

Civil rights:

I feel the civil rights movement was the most important reform to be because it was needed to show that everyone is equal no matter color or religion.

Big Business

Trust Busting:

Trust busting was the most important big business regulation to me because it stop business from cheating a doing illegal trades.

The progressive amendment

The progressive amendment made a huge impact on our nation and changed as we knew it. It impacted our nation in the fact that it showed us it does not matter what religion, race, or gender you are we are all equal and deserve all the same rights. It changed the economy and way of life of america!

New or old?

Some of these ideas had been around for a while now they just finally put all the effort into it and built up a fight an fought it until the won the fights during the progressive era. These ideas were very important to Americas history because without these ideas we would not be the free nation we so claimed we were