San Diego

by:Victor Gillespie

going to California

I felt a tug on my shoulder"get up get up its time to go," my sister said. I wake up to my dads truck and go back to sleep.I wake up and were in New Mexico, my parents said "we are going to stop in albequrque we are going to your aunt and uncle's house,"once my parents said that I was happy.The next day we were headed for San Diego, in the afternoon we stopped at the california sand dunes and walked around it. my dad told me "these sand dunes were filmed in the movie Star Wars.

in San Diego

That night we were in San Diego and I met my cousin and my aunt and uncle.That night we played the game Clue and my sister won. That morning we left and went to Lego land and spent the whole day there.the next day I felt an earthquake, I freaked out and went downstairs and only felt it for a couple seconds and my parents told me "it was just an earthquake its okay."the next day my uncle took my brother to mexico after a couple hours and after we went back to the San Diego sand dunes. a couple days later we went to the beach and I surfed and my parents went on the ocean for about 3 hours on the beach we explored around with my cousin till my parents got back.

the last week

the next week was our last week there and we went to the San Diego zoo. The zoo was very large, I enjoyed going to the Asia part of the zoo.that night we went zip lining on the beach.

when we left we went to the grand canyon with my cousin. Going to San Diego was one of the most memorible moments of my life.

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