Summary of Learning

A Journey of Personal Growth and Discovery

"Every child is a different kind of flower and altogether they make this world a beautiful garden"

Throughout this journey in becoming a connected educator, I learned a variety of techniques, strategies and methods to enhance students learning through the use of technology integration. The biggest learning experience that I have taken away from this course is using education as a tool to enhance students learning, rather than using technology just for integration or ease. Redefining teaching by providing opportunities to students that are not available when technology is not involved creating a deeper, more well rounded, impactful learning experience.


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Saskatchewan Curriculum Project

Being a Connected Educator in Visual Art #globalissues10

This semester I have really challenged myself in becoming a positive and influential connected educator. In my high school pre-internship I had my students research global issues, choose one and express it through art. My students were very passionate about their topics and therefore, wanted to make a larger impact on the world. So, as a class we created a hashtag, #globalissues10, to impact that larger audience leaving a positive, more inspiring digital footprint, all while raising awareness for a variety of global issues. This experience has changed me. The use of technology throughout my unit was imperative to enhance my students learning far beyond what I could do. I am only one human with unique experiences, perspective, idea, beliefs, morals, values, and cultures that are true to myself and what I believe in but when you integrate technology within a lesson you provide your students with an avenue to explore, research and critically reflect on topics, creating more well rounded citizens.
Summary of Learning ECMP455