United States of America

Its Culture and Society

The culture of the United States and a brief history

Culture is the way of life of a people, including their beliefs, customs, and practices.

The United States was not established until 1776 when Americans fought for the independence from England. The United States were originally 13 colonies and through the years have gained more land, creating the U.S. that we know today. Other things that are notable are the wars that they have been a part of: Civil War, WWI, and WWII. A few other noteworthy events are the Great Depression and the Industrial Revolution.

Society & Social Class

Society is a group of people sharing a culture.

Social class is a grouping of people based on rank or status.

The U.S. social class is determined by the amount of money that a household brings in a year.

Customs of America

zuni buffalo dance song (traditional native american)
Earl Scruggs & The Byrds - Roger Mcguinn

Cultural Change

How culture changes

All cultures can and will change over time. The three major things that will change culture are: natural environment, technology, and ideas.

Technology: Factories, cars, cable television, and cell phones are all examples of things that has changed culture.

How Culture Spreads

As people meet and travel they begin to adapt their beliefs and ideas. This action alone can changes ones culture. The movement of customs and ideas is called Cultural Diffusion. The things that are accepted is called acculturation, or the process of accepting new ideas and fitting them into a culture.

Change can also hurt culture. If culture is tried to change to fast people can feel that their values are threatened.