Si-Cology 101

Author is Si Robertson with Mark Schlabach

Report By Ben Mestl

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Book Summary

This book is about the life events of Si Robertson. He is on the TV show Duck Dynasty. In this book he talks about when he was a child and what he did as a child and what fun things he did with his brothers. He says how much he loves to go hunting and how he loves to go hunting with his brothers. Then when he starts to get older he does not know what to do like his older brothers. So he goes to college and he realizes how it is not for him. So he tells his parents that he does not want to go to college anymore and he would rather join the army. So he joins the army and then he is sent to Vietnam. His job in Vietnam is if anyone needed supplies or parts he was the person to go to for them. He was stationed in Vietnam for a year and then he got to go back to the USA and stay there. When he got back to the USA he met a girl that he liked named Christine. After talking to her they decided to date and then they got married. They moved all over because Si had to go where ever the army put him. Then they had a baby named Trasa and a boy named Scott. After he got out of the army they moved back to Louisiana and they have been living there ever since.

Question 1

What did you enjoy about the book?

I enjoyed the funny stories that Si shared throughout the book. When he was in college he slept through half of his finals test and he guessed on the rest of the test. He got three points off an A average.

Question 2

What was the authors purpose for writing the story?

I think he wrote the story to tell about his life so far and what has happened in it. He shared fun experiences like getting married and raising a family as well as challenging times like going to war.

Question 3

What interesting facts do you know about the author?

I know that he was in the Vietnam War and that he drinks lots and lots of tea. He also stars in a famous TV show, Duck Dynasty. He is married to Christine and has two children. They live in Louisiana.

Question 4

Why would you recommend this book?

I would recommend this book if you like the TV show Duck Dynasty and if you like funny stories.