Mr. Bedley's Class News

August 2015-16

Off and Running!

Students are knee deep in Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, PE, DARE and more.

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Parents' Corner

Along with teaching, I work as a community facilitator to help support teachers around the world through an online publication called Edutopia. It’s a great opportunity share to the world what we are doing here at Plaza Vista, as well as learn the most up-to-date strategies being used globally to improve student learning. I recently shared an article with a few other teachers that discussed questions parents should be asking their teachers. I’ll be going through the 19 most important questions parents should ask their child’s teacher in our Parents’ Corner.

What academic standards do you use, and what do I need to know about them?

At Plaza Vista, we use the California Common Core State Standards for 5th Grade. What you should know is that while the standards still cover key concepts like decimals and fractions, they have changed the focus from what we've seen in past years. These standards are designed to allow teachers to dive deeper into concepts rather than skimming the surface. We also use these standards to focus on learning and acquisition of information versus just acquisition of information.

How will you respond if or when my child struggles in class?

The current 5th grade program is designed to maximize small group and one to one instruction in reading, writing and math. It also has high expectations for our student learners. As we know as adults, in learning, it’s inevitable that sometimes we all face struggles, challenges and failure. I see this in my own son regularly. It's also important to me, to help my students know that when we do struggle and fail, it’s a great opportunity to learn and develop determination and resilience. Not every student understands these concept when first introduced, so students will see me take academic risks (such as offering a world language class) to model the importance of learning. How we deal with challenges is what sets successful individuals and organizations apart and I want each student in my class to develop those qualities. So how will I respond if or when your child struggles? I'll give them the support they need, make sure you as a parent know the struggles and set clear attainable goals. At times students may feel challenged beyond what they believe they can do, but this is part of the effort to help them develop into the best person they can possibly be.

Traditional Homework Alternatives

Here's a list of alternate ideas that help develop a child's creative, imagination, resourcefulness, curiosity, capacity and more.

Thank You for All Your Support!