Newsletter 4/4-4/8

Mrs. Eaton's Class


Today students enjoyed painting their landforms! Tomorrow students will be asked to compare and contrast the different landforms they created. The next science unit is over what soil is and how it is formed. At the end of the week the class will be looking at weathering and erosion and how it helps form soil.


We continue our unit over fractions! This week students will practice fractions on a number line and division with fractions. We will be having our fraction test next Monday (4/11). This test will cover fractions and regions, locating fractions on a number line, fractions with measurement, breaking apart fractions, and comparing fractions. Students will be completing a review on Friday to take home. We have a lot to cover this week!


Our story of the week is Pop's Bridge. This story is a realistic fictional story about the building of the Golden Gate Bridge. With this story students will study the vocabulary, comparing and contrasting, sequencing of events, and summarizing. We will have a comprehension test on Friday.


Students will finish their research for their Genius Hour question and begin to create their products. I cannot wait to see the creative products the students put together!

Important Information

Our classroom schedule will be different on Thursday. Flower Mound High School science students will be visiting third grade with a planetarium! On Thursday lunch will be at 11:00 instead of 12:00 in order for all of third grade to visit the planetarium. Please note the time changes if you wish to bring lunch to your child on this day.

Spelling test will be Friday! Please encourage your child to practice this week at home.

The Book Fair is next week! Due to a schedule conflict with our Sharkarosa field trip... please stay tuned for when our class will be attending!

Sharkarosa field trip is April 15th.