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Make every day a day to learn!

Dear parents,

This week we have been paying close attention to one very important skill we will need to cultivate in Pre-kinder and for the rest of our years to come. We are learning about all the things we can do to make and keep friends. We know that as we go to another grade level we will be part of a whole new family classroom with many new friends, teachers and activities. It will require a great deal of good choices and positive disposition to adapt to all these new changes that are awaiting around the corner. Our children will be learning how important it is to have fun with friends and get along in a room full of children. So we will be reviewing skills of communication, such as communicating our needs and wants effectively, talking turns, sharing, placing ourselves in other people’s shoes and being respectful to others. As we learn to accept and understand our similarities and differences we become more tolerant and more amazed by the beauty of diversity.

Part of learning is reflecting on the things we have learned, the things that have changed over time . Our children have had a chance to discuss what they were like when they first came to Pre-kinder and identify the things they could not do and know they have mastered. They have also had a chance to discuss the things the kind of games and activities they like to engage in now and how they were different or alike before.

We have been reinforcing letter sounds and using writing to express our ideas. Learning and reviewing new and old songs and nursery rhymes have also been [art of this week’s activities. We have also been counting objects and comparing their quantities to see if they have more or less, and then we have been able to represent that information into tally marks and/or graphs.

There has also been a lot of rehearsing going on as we prepare for our end of the year ceremony. We are working hard to make our show something you will truly enjoy!


Demonstrates knowledge of print and its uses

Demonstrates knowledge of the alphabet

Demonstrates number concepts and operations

Compares and measures

Regulates own emotions and behaviors

Establishes and sustains positive relationships

Gallery of the week:


  • The SRC is asking students to donate $1 to go towards hosting a lunch for our Dolphins. We encourage everyone to bring in $1. The lunch for the Dolphins is planned for next Friday May 27, the money is due and will be collected this day so it would be wonderful if you could collaborate.

  • Sport day is coming soon! More information will come
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End of The Year Show Information

PK 4.4 has been putting together a special ceremony to show you all the wonderful things we have learned throughout the year. We are so excited to share them with you on Thursday, June 9th! Our show will take place at 9:00 a.m. PLEASE BE ON TIME. We can’t wait to celebrate with you!

Please send the students wearing
(Boys) jeans and a white T-shirt

(Girls ) can wear a white dress

(Picture examples below)

Please send them in the school bus so that we can get ready before the celebration takes place and have everything and everyone set up and ready in the morning before parents start showing up!

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