Learn about Ipad apps



If you choose an iMovie you have to record things or put pictures. You can add music and other creative things. iMovie is something to create things for fun or for a specific thing.

iMovie Trailer

If you want to do an iMovie trailer then you have to take pictures and videos. There is no sound to the videos that you take the only sound is the music of the trailer. I like iMovie trailers better because they are short, they can be funny, serious, and a whole bunch of different things like that.


What you do on Garageband.

You record yourself talking about a topic and you can add music to it.

Here is a pic. of someone's garageband.


What you do on it.

You can use Nearpod for a teaching thing. Some teachers at my school use it. It is basically just a presentation on the Ipad that only your teacher or the presenter can mess with. You can't change slides unless you are the one presenting it. The presenter can send out a slide that the others can draw on.


What you do on it

You can brain storm ideas on corkulous. Corkulous is just a iPad bullitan board.