Hello beautiful bees of BBG #63!!!

All information to fulfill your 63 needs and dreams!!

Six-three say what!?

  • I hope everyone had a summer full of fun! Get excited for this upcoming term! <3
  • Thank you so much Amanda for hosting installations!
  • Congratulations to the new fall board board!!

Project with CA

Friday, Sep. 11th, 12am


Details to come. Get excited!

Important: No time has been established yet.

Sisterhood program and MIT Prep 👭

Friday, Sep. 18th, 12am


Details to follow! No time has been established yet.

MIT Pick Up 💛🐝

Sunday, Sep. 20th, 2pm

9000 S Rice Ave

Houston, TX

We will be getting our new freshman class!! More information to follow!

PSA from Ilana Shlexy!! 👐🏼

The next holiday coming up which is right around the corner is Rosh Hashanah! (Starts on September 13)

Something fun you can do for Rosh Hashanah: Eat apples and honey to welcome a sweet new year! Who doesn't love food?

Below is a list of tentative calendar dates for the fall term. These are subject to change!

Sept. 11th- Project with CA

Sept. 18th- Sisterhood Program and MIT Pickup Prep

Sept. 20th - MIT pickup

Sept. 26th- Project with Reisboard

Oct. 4th- Big/Little Reveal and Chapter Meeting

Oct. 10th- Project with Malev at Merfish

Oct. 16th- MIT Sleepover

Oct. 25th- MIT/AIT Prep

Oct. 30th-Nov. 1st- MIT/AIT Convention

Nov. 7th- Global Shabbat

Nov. 8th- Stand Up Winter Clothing Drive and Program

Nov. 14th- Chapter Sleepover and Meeting

Nov. 20th- BBG Shabbat

Dec. 5th- Mystery Date

Dec. 6th- Chapter Meeting

Dec. 11th- Lubel Chanukah/Israel Project

Dec. 20th-Dec. 23rd - Regional Convention

Respectfully submitted with undying love for,

The upcoming term, Challah, Sebastian Kopinsky, Max Kopinsky, Funny jokes, MIT Pick Up, and all the bee-utiful buzzing bees of BBG #63,

I remain,

Abigail Jill Cohan <3


What are some cute ideas to dress up as for Halloween? A bumblebee? Hmmm.