Beware, The Snowman

By Trista Gentile

What happened to me

Hi I'm Jaclyn. I'm 12 years old. I used to live in Chicago but me and my aunt Greta just moved to this strange village sherpia. It's always cold and there is not a time when its not snowing. The longest it ever stopped was for 10 minutes. I have just made 2 new friends. Their names are Rolanda and Eli. I have heard of these myths about a snowman who lives on the top of this mountain in a ice cave. Once I tried going up there to see for my self but this weird guy named Conrad won't let no one up. I think he's crazy. He lives all alone and has a freaky pet wolf that tried to attack not sure what to believe. Would you believe me if I told you there is a living snowman monster. well I convince Rolanda and Eli if I make a snow man with them then they have to distract Conrad so I can go up to the mountain top. When I get up there I see the snowman and he claims he is my FATHER. he says that my mom and aunt trapped him so he couldn't be with me. Then my aunt greata comes and says he was lying I didn't know who to believe so I read the second part of the poem and when the snowman melted a ugly red gooie monster appeared my aunt was telling the truth. Right when the snowman was about to throw is off the cliff a army of snowmen came right up the hill and surrounded him. I had no idea how they got there and neither did aunt greata. Behind the snowmen was Conrad. He said that Rolanda and Eli told him what I was doing it. He was a sorcerer just like my parents. By my surprise him and my aunt greata started crying and he ask if he as my father and aunt greata said yes. He ran up to me and hugged me and I could feel his itchy beard against me. I finally found my father and that is the end of my crazy story.

My friends

Personality Traits

My aunt greata says I am very out going and brave. Eli told me I was crazy when I was going to the mountain top. Rolanda said I was smart and tuff. Also that it is very hard to convince me and to make me believe things that are true. My dad told me that when I was younger I was very bubbly and shy.

Hobbies and activities

Some hobbies I have are running. I was one of the fastest runners in my old school. I'm very athletic. I was the star basket ball player back at Chicago. I talk a lot. I love to sing and dance.


When I'm older I would love to sing or dance. Maybe even be a girl basket ball player.