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December 16, 2015

Good Stuff

We're the BEST with Limitless Libraries!!

Wright Middle had the most items checked out through Limitless Libraries of ANY other school in MNPS this semester. Let's keep it up!

Food for Fines for Nashville Public Library AND Wright!

This will be taking place the month of January. Please talk it up to your students. It's not only for a good cause but it also erases fines they have from Limitless Libraries and for lost books at our library too.

We will send home Overdue and Lost book notices after break.

One can= $1

Genre-fying the Library Has Begun!

  • We are in the process of grouping all of the fiction books by Genre (Romance, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Mystery, etc)
  • There is definitely crossover, but we're trying to pick the main one
  • We will add a "tag" in the catalog so students will know which section to look in
  • Within the section, they will still be arranged alphabetically by author
  • We think this will really help students find books they WANT to read and will be easier for us when students ask us where the "scary" books are
  • Read this article and let us know what you think...

New Links in the "My School" Folders

We have added links to Odyssey and the school library catalog for easier access!

Office 365 Corner

Office 365 Tip: Creative Collaboration!

  • Students can share a document with one or more students and work simultaneously to create a project. This is great for academic work, but really fun with creative writing like stories, plays, etc.
  • Teachers can share a document with the whole class and project it on the screen then pose a question. Each student can write their answers and it will appear on the board (their names are attached to their writing for accountability.
  • Students can share their documents with teachers who can then give feedback.

Office 365 Reminders

  • Office 365 link is in the My MNPS folder (and here))
  • Student emails: username@mnpsk12.org
  • The "username" and password is the same used to log in to the computer
  • One Drive is the cloud based Office suite. Documents are AUTOMATICALLY saved to student accounts
  • Every student has 1 Terabyte of storage!
  • Students and Teachers may download the free app on Android or iOS devices
  • Students and Teachers may download the office suite for FREE on up to 5 PC or Mac computers!!!

Recurring Information

Limitless Libraries and Wright Catalogs Merged!

  • Search here: 805.library.nashville.org for both Public Library and Wright collections from home or school
  • Log in with your employee ID and "2015" as your pin to order books, etc.
  • All students and teachers should now be fully integrated.
  • Student library card # is their 190.... Pins are their birthdate (mmdd)
  • Links to Libguides and Limitless Libraries Research Resources from Catalog (and here)

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Recurring Information