Brendan Dana

What are inhalants?

Inhalants are not things you would normally think of as drugs; they range from pants to markers. Inhalants are Hallucinogens, this means that they can have a mined altering affect. They can also be classified as a Depressant, having similar effects to alcohol.

How could this drug affect your body?

This drug could lead to vomiting, nausea, or head aches. When used continuously it could cause the user to feel a lack of control over normal body functions. This drug could also cause hallucinations. If over used long term affects could include loss of hearing, damage to the liver and or the kidney also a laking of oxygen flow to the brain that could cause serious damage. Sniffing things such as aerosol sprays could lead to "Sudden Sniffing Death" which is when your hear stops within seconds of sniffing.


Did you know that about 13% of all 8th grade students have tried an inhalant

10% of 10th graders

8% of 12th graders


If you ever smell something like gas or hair spray make sure the room is well ventilated. If you are ever in a situation were you friends are doing drugs and are trying to convince you to do the same just make up a simple excuse like " My mom would know somethings wrong."

Street Names

Whiteout, Whippets, Shoot the Breeze, and Texas Shoe Shine

Most of the names are common things that you could find in any Hardware store, thats because most of the inhalants are not meant to be used as a drug, therefor in a way they are already hidden.

Additional Questions

If drugs are so bad why do you think they exist?

I believe that people are trying to make money and this is the way they think of to do that.

What should I do if I hear about kids in school using drugs?

You should try to avoid them and if you don't feel right about doing that then tell a guidance councilor or parent of your concern.