Book Report

By Reagan Kirk

Cry Silent Tears

This book is about the heartbreaking story of boy named Joe who lives mute and unprotected.Joe knew his mother was cruel and violent, but he trusted his beloved father to protect him from her. Then tragedy struck the family when his dad died at work. Joe and his other siblings have to learn to cope with their fathers death and suffer through the agonizing pain that their mother gives them. Joe and his brother Thomas get their hands burned by irons, or their hands burned on the stove and stuck in boiling water or just beat so bad that they can't move. Then the uncle of the family comes in and takes Joe to a house out in the middle of no where every weekend and abuses Joe in bad ways for money. Uncle Douglas has many more kids at his house, many of which just had selfish parents that sent them there to get money. When the weekend is over Joe goes back home for school the next week and many more beatings. How will Joe and Thomas get away from their mom? How will they cope with their father being gone and not being protected? Read Cry silent tears to find out!
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The conflict if the book was that Joe, his dad, and Thomas were trying to get away from all if the abuse. Joe kept trying to accomplish busting his mom and getting her arrested while she tried to accomplish not getting caught.

Main character: Joe



•mute boy and scared

•blonde hair, lots of bruises and scars, and blue eyes

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The genre of the book is non-fiction. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes to see what reality is for some unlucky kids.