Midwest Star

People pounce on the Oklahoma land rush opportunity!


The Oklahoma land rush is now officially open! Whether your a freed slave, immigrant, or just a regular civilian come and stake your claim of 160 acres of land for $10. Just stay for five years and the land is yours.

Racing for opportunity

Hundreds of people lined up at the starting line on September 16, 1893. Some on horses and others riding wagons and bicycles. Each and everyone ready to stake their claim of the land. Boom! As the canon fires signaling the start of the race the stampede begins. Dust and dirt clouding the air as each and every person races. But not everyone plays fair. The ringing of shots in the air as people begin to pick of the other competitors. Shouts swarming the air as people fight for the best lots. Out of the 100,000 people who entered only 60,000 will get their desired land.

A new home

It was simple in theory but it's a whole different story when there's people involved. So after fighting with a few people we finally stuck our flag into the dusty earth and watched the chaos reign on around us. We both new it was a gamble entering into the race. Just as we both new that we'd be force to settle and start farming and building quickly before the winter if we were ever going to have a chance of making it out here. But I'm glad we took the gamble and I'm glad that the Homestead Act passed in the first place in order to allow us to be where we are today. I mean 160 acres for 10 dollars is nothing to scoff at even if we have to stay here for five years. It's a good thing we now have the steel plow and seed drill, it'll making farming easier.

Auto inventor, Charles Duryea, found dead!

Charles Duryea, 76, dies in Philadelphia, a tragic loss to the community. His rare mechanical wit to see how the contributions of his predecessors could be combined into sound invention was one of a kind. One of his many achievements was the invention of the first functioning "gasoline buggies". Which according to him he should be fully credited for the invention even though his brother, Frank Duryea, argues differently.


Government policy allowed for more opportunities of fortune and wealth by offering a cheap and easy way to get more land. By offering the Homestead Act it allowed for someone to buy 160 acres for $10 if they settled the land. This of course lead to hundred of people wanting to settle in the west. Which inevitably lead to the Oklahoma land rush.