War of 1812

by: Joshua Perera

Causes of the War

There are four reasons that war broke out between the U.S. and Britain. The need for land put stress on Britain by America. Britain was impressing American sailors and taking them in to work in the army. Another reason war broke out was because Britain allied with native Americans who wanted their land back from America. The last reason for war was because a group of Americans known as the Warhawks wanted war and pressed the president for it.
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Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson was a war hero of the War of 1812 because he led troops into the last battle of the war, the Battle of New Orleans. He had Americans hide behind cotton bales which the British couldn't shoot through allowing the Americans to obtain a quick victory over the British.
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Effects of the War

The war was a good thing for America even though nobody won. We ended up gaining more independence by having our own factories instead of just shipping cotton to Britain and them making clothes. America got respect from other countries because they just went up against the most powerful country in the world and didn't get demolished.
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