Media Literacy

How it Changed our Society

What Does it Mean to be Media Literate

In today’s society the media has completely changed. The technology available in this day and age has allowed us to communicate with a much wider audience. In a matter of seconds we learn about events and occurrences that have happened across the globe. This spread of information to different societies is thanks to the media. Media can be split into many categories from social media to world news to the latest sports scores. It is found everywhere and has exploded into popularity thanks to cell phones and improvements on the computer. Social media has especially grown. Social apps like Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter allow us to stay in touch with people from around the globe. As new information is tossed our way through these sites every day of the year, we find new ways to analyze and understand this new knowledge. This is being media literate. By looking at a variety of media outlets from billboards, magazines, movies, and shows, we are able to have a better understanding of what is around us. It has become much easier to be media literate. We have grown up with it surrounding our culture and have naturally picked up on analyzing what is around us. As our society continues to grow and new technology comes to light, media will certainly increase as well. Different ways to interact with other people will be invented and there is no doubt that a faster way to obtain news will be created. Media can be found everywhere and it will certainly continue to shape societies around the world.

V's Speech Precis

Speech Precis

V on his BTN speech aims to make a change to society by taking over the local broadcasting station and criticizing the people of London for fearfully ignoring the erroneous acts the government has inflicted on the country.

V highlights the fact that the people of London are living in a time where the government is "cruel, unjust, intolerant, and oppressive" and by scaring the masses, the government was able to promise peace but "demanded in return...silent obedient consent" and because the people agreed to this, they forgot that "fairness, justice, and freedom are more than words, they are perspectives" and lost motivation to make a change.

By bringing these accusations into the public eye, V calls direct attention to the wrongful acts of the government in order to push people to make a change to the dystopian society and to hopefully have a better future..

V's tone is sincere and confrontational towards the oppressed people of London who notice that something is wrong with the society and it needs to change.

Commercial Precis

Hyundai Kevin Hart Car Commercial

1. Hyundai in their 2016 commercial "First Date", aims to sell their cars by depicting Kevin Hart handing the key to his new Hyundai Genesis to his daughters date to humorously show the tracking ability, sleekness, and other features of the new car.

2. By tossing the keys to his daughters date, Kevin Hart is able to track and follow the two around to keep an eye on their romantic endeavor such as sitting behind them at the movies, watching them at a carnival, and riding a helicopter to check up on them at the top of a hill all without the daughter knowing.

3. Audi uses both transfer and testimonial advertising techniques by showing that Kevin Hart, a famous comedian, drives this car so people watching should too and transfers humor along with style in order to encourage parents and teens alike to want to buy the car because it gives you a secure feeling that you will know exactly where it is.

4. By using a humorous tone the intended audience is geared some towards teenagers who can drive and go on dates but mainly towards worried parents who want to keep an eye on their kids.

The Haitian Revolution

In 1791 a revolution broke out on the island of Saint Domingue. This island was ruled by the French and was its most prosperous trading post. Coffee, sugar, cotton were sold on this island, and it was the largest market for slaves. Before 1791 many slave rebellions had occurred but none were successful. After hearing about the French Revolution and the idea that all men are equal under the eyes of the law, slaves began to work together to gain their freedom from their oppressive master. In August of 1791 a former slave known as Toussaint L’ Ouverture led an organized black rebellion against the French rule. Northern settlements were hit first and proved how different this revolt would be compared to the others. Soon, other countries like Spain and England took interest in the now open colony and sent troops to try to take it from the French. In 1793, French forces agreed to make slavery illegal in the colonies if Toussaint L’ Ouverture’s troops would fight with them. They agreed. In 1974, British forces landed on the island hoping to stop the revolution for profit and to protect their own colonies. The fight continued and L’ Ouverture was named the colony’s permanent governor. In 1803, Napoleon was fearful that this power would undermine his own so he sent his soldiers to imprison L’ Ouverture. He was betrayed, captured, and would later die in a prison in France. His successor, Rochambeau, named the country independent in 1804 and renamed it Haiti. The death toll of this revolution was estimated to be around 162,000. The inspiration for this revolution came from the French Revolution. The oppressed people of Haiti were able to empathize with the people of France and understand that they too can be free of tyrannical rule. Banding together, they were able to become the world’s first black- led republic nation. What made this revolution powerful was the fact it succeeded. No one during that time imagined that the slaves had enough power to take over from the planters and create a nation for themselves, but they did. This revolution gave hope to slaves in the colonies that they too would one day be free. In the end, Rochambeau was assassinated and the country was divided between rival successors. On the left sits Haiti and on the right is the Dominican Republic. Today slavery no longer exists but people still feel neglected under harsh treatment such as in North Korea, Syria, and Eritrea to name a few. The Haitian revolution does not have much in common with Oceania. However, Winston does make a point. If the proles and even the members of the party can get together and realize how much power they truly have, they can defeat the Party. However, they must be united, otherwise a revolt will not work, much like how it did not work for the people of Haiti before 1791. Unless the people in Oceania realize a united movement will work, they will never be able to get out of their oppressive regime.

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Performance Final Part 1

Our phones are a part of us. Most of the time we never leave home without it or we might miss a text, a tweet, a snap, or maybe a Facebook notification. In the video, “Can We Auto-Correct Humanity” the author makes plenty of valid arguments to how disconnected we actually are. People read text messages at a dinner table instead of paying attention to the person across from them, instead of enjoying an experience like a concert, people take a video on their phones to watch in later. To make sure this unsettling trend does not become permanent we as a society need to make some changes. First if we are with friends our phones need to go up. Yes, it might be awkward but we need to learn how to hold a conversation. Second is we should limit our usage of social media. In the article “Maintaining Real Relationships in the Digital World”, the author does make a valid point that social media can be used for good, but being on it too much can damage our psyche. We try to compare our life to someone else and most of the time, people only put glorified photos on social media. Plus, the number of apps that can digitally change what a person looks like from having whiter teeth, a skinny body, or even perfect skin is multiplying. How can we compare ourselves to people who do not even exist? When we become so dependent on social media we also come to believe that these fake images are what we are supposed to look like, even though some are physically impossible. This may seem very depressing but there is still hope. Social media is not all bad. With a press of a button news can spread worldwide in a matter of seconds. Friends who have not seen each other in years can suddenly find each other and reconnect. People can find new experiences they want to try or join a supportive community. There is a limitless amount of possibilities out there. We just need to learn to tame our addiction. If we can, we can spread positivity to the four corners of the Earth. As mentioned in the “Maintaining Real Relationships in the Digital World”, “This technology is not going away, and while it has intrinsic biases like any medium, its overall effects depend entirely on how it’s applied”. We need to understand when to use technology and when it is better to put our phones away and pay attention to what goes on around us. This way as technology evolves it can be used to help us instead of hindering us from creating true bonds and relationships. While “finding that balance is a constant struggle,” it can be achieved. Instead of comparing ourselves to the glorified accomplishments of others we should understand that we should be happy for them but we do not need to base all of our decisions because of them. Technology can hinder the community but if we work and allow it, it can help the society.