Kicks Too Fresh

Josh Drendel

Six business activities

1. Generating ideas: The business that my company conducts is that we buy shoes the very first day that they come out, and then selling them to bidders to make a large profit. We deal in all the popular brand name shoes. Some of the shoes that we buy and sell are Nike Air Jordans, Lebrons, Kobes, etc. We developed this business by learning that certain shoes only come out in certain countries, so in some places, the people can only get the shoes by buying them online. So, we began buying shoes the day they came out, and immediately putting them on ebay.

2. Raising Capital: When we started up this business, we wanted to grow as a company, so in order to do that, we needed to be buying and selling more shoes. Since we didn't have the money to do that, we had to take a loan out from a bank. That loan allowed us to buy more shoes, and sell more, that way we made more money.

3. Employee & Training: Our business does require minimal training for our employees. We teach them the procedures for putting the shoes on ebay, and how to control the bidding. Recruiting is easy, because the job mainly requires a knowledge of computers, which almost all young people have.

4. Buying Goods & Services: Our company is beneficial in a sense where for the most part, our place of business is very simple. We have a small building where we conduct our operations. Since we're an online store, we don't need lots of square footage to be a successful business.

5. Marketing Goods & Services: We market our business by putting out fliers on popular shoe websites, and other clothing stores. We also advertise on NBA websites.

6. Maintaining Business Records: Since our business is almost completely conducted online, it makes it easy to keep records of our sales and expenses. We use a spreadsheet to make sure everything is in order.

Sole Proprietorship

The type of business I chose was Sole Proprietorship. I chose this option for many reasons. First of all, being as the business was started at my own house, I did not need much money for a start up. Another reason I chose this was because since we were in the business of buying and selling products, if business was doing well, I wouldn't have to deal with other business partners.

5 Business Goals

1. Our first goal for our company this year is to set up a strong foundation for what is hopefully going to be a thriving, full-scale company in years to come.

2. Next, we want to be able to purchase a bigger building, for storage purposes. This way we can buy more products, and have a better way to store them. This will improve on shipping, and on sales.

3. This goal is similar to the second one, in the sense of expanding our company. This year, I would like to double the number of employees that work for us, which isn't saying much. I would like to increase the number so that we can ship more shoes, and make more sales in general.

4. I would like to increase the amount of advertising that my company does. I would like to do this by putting out flyers on popular shoe stores in our area of business. Also, I would like to advertise through the internet. By putting out electronic flyers on popular websites, I think that it could make a drastic change on our sales.

5. Lastly, I would like to branch out from just ebay selling. By the end of this year, I would like my company to have dealers on all the popular market websites, such as Etsy, Amazon, etc.

Mission Statement

We are the best, fastest, most reliable source for receiving exclusive shoes the day they come out.