Causes of the American Revolution

Amelie Hayne 1763 - 1776

Causes of the American Revolution Summary

The American Revolution occurred from 1763-1776 and occurred throughout the 13 colonies, but was mostly centered in Boston. After the French and Indian war, England started to tax the colonists for a handful of different items, this angered the colonists, which motivated the colonists to try to break away from England. Colonists would boycott certain Acts and several groups were formed as a result of this, such as the sons of liberty.

Navigation Acts

The Navigation Acts occurred in 1651 to 1851 and took place in the 13 colonies. The Navigation Act was created Britain, the purpose of the Navigation Acts was that England would receive all the colonists wealth. Also known as mercantilism. What would happen was that restricted the use of foreign ships for trade and made it so that the colonies could only really trade with England.

Proclamation of 1763

After the French and Indian war the proclamation of 1763 was created, by the king. The king issued the proclamation so that they could avoid costly war with the Natives. The proclamation set boundaries that no one could make a settlement beyond the Appalacian Mountains. They colonists were very upset at this.

The Stamp act

The stamp Act was a tax put on all legal papers, by England. This act was issued to the 13 colonies and was made to pay of some of the debt from the French and Indian war and occurred in 1765. The Committees of Correspondence was a group of people, led by Samuel Adams refused to buy certain taxed goods. Samuel Adams also created the Sons of Liberty and they were a group of men that would protest British tax polices and boycotted in some ways more violent. A group called the Stamp Act Congress was created to discuss the taxes.

Quartering Act

Britain reacted to the Stamp Act protests by sending more troops to keep order in the colonies. The quartering act was when colonists where required to house, feed and dress British soldiers. This act took place in 1765, in the New England colonies.

Townshend Acts

Parliament created the Townshend Acts which made colonists pay more taxes the items taxed were, for imported tea, glass, paper, and etc. The Townshend Acts were created in 1767. These Acts were placed into use in the New England colonies. The reason for this was to collect revenue from the colonists and for England to receive money.

Boston Massacre

The Boston massacre occurred in 1770. The Boston Massacre was a street fight between British soldiers and the colonists. The colonists were angering the British soldiers so shots were fired. Only five colonists died, but this led to a lot of propaganda against England.

Tea Act and Boston Tea Party

The tea act was when the British East India Company was the only company allowed to sell tea, which created a monopoly over tea. This event took place in 1773. Although the tea price was actually lower colonists were mad that they had to pay and importing tax on all tea. The reason for this was to have a monopoly over tea for the British East India Company. The Sons of Liberty responded to this by dressing up as Indian's and dumping 342 crates of tea overboard into the Boston harbor.

Coercive Act (Intolerable Acts)

The colonists also called the Coercive Act the Intolerable Acts because of how harsh they were. The act was created in 1774. This Act prevented trade from Boston and Britain, which affected more than just Boston and it also prevented colonists from having town meetings. Another thing it did was dive Britain power over the colony and strengthened the quartering act. the reason for this was because Britain was afraid they were going to lose control over the colonies.