HIV Problems in Africa

Emma, Emmie, Conner, and Willie

Description of Issue

~southern African countries have the highest number of people living with HIV and AIDS on the continent of Africa.

~about 34 million people were living with HIVS by 2011

~about half of those people were based out of Africa

~over half of those in Africa were females

Historical Significance of the Issue

~it first started in the east and then south within the continent

~by the 1980s, the virus had become a regional epidemic

~believed to have affected the Democratic Republic of the Congo as early as the 1970s

ESPN Consequences of the Issue

Social- social instability, rapid Urbanization, labor migration, gender inequality and sexual violence contribute to high HIV rates

political- some organizations such as world health organizations have been working on educating the African people

Ecomonic- 31.7 billion dollars have been spent on AIDS and HIV global research

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