Folding Rosewood Table


A Wonderful Resource for Entertaining and Extra Seating

This rosewood table has been heaven sent during parties where it does an amazing job as my drinks or dessert table. People needing overflow seating for holidays might also find it a great option. Like most rosewood items this is a very heavy, solid piece which can be a lovely addition to your home.

Only 8.25" deep when closed, the table is 34.5" wide. When one side is propped up, it forms a 33.5" x 34.5" rectangle. In addition to a slight scuff in the finish on the one side, two of the hinges are coming out, so for someone skilled with this type of minor repair, this could be a treasure. While the hinge issue makes the one side difficult to use, the other side is regularly employed with the fold out legs making it very stable.

We are moving soon and want all the furniture we aren't taking with us to head out the door prior to showing our house, so we've priced things to sell accordingly. Please let me know if this table would make a helpful addition to your home!
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Only $30!

Close up of scuff on hinge issue side.