Grade 3 Home Reading Program

Mrs. Davis

Purpose: To develop a LOVE of reading

Time Required: 10 MINUTES EVERY night

WHY IT'S IMPORTANT: Children who read outside of school as well as in school, are much more likely to succeed. (Ministry of Education)

How it Works

Each night, let your child read to you. Your child will fill in the recording sheet and will return the book and the duotang the next day. They will then pick a new book OR keep the same book and read it again to help build fluency!

Good Fit Books

Your child will be bringing home books at their independent reading level which means they should know most of the words. These books will help build confidence and fluency in order to tackle more difficult books at school.
Read the Parent Tip Sheet provided for specific ways to help your child as they are reading to you.
Make READING fun! Offer an incentive for every 5 books read, like one-on-one time, a special dinner, or a small reward.