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Can you imagine having a disease so bad that you have headaches all the time and you can die? The name of the disease is Typhus. You might of heard of it. Typhus is usually found in cold countries.

How do you get Typhus

You get Typhus from bacterium Rickettsia prowaekii and it can be transferred to person to person by a parasite called louse. When the louse sucks your blood it can go to another person and when it sucks their blood the bacteria will go to them. Also before it gives someone else the disease it might die because when it sucks the blood the rickettsia can go to its gut.

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What are symptoms

Ten days after being bitten you start to have symptoms they are headache, loss of appetite, malaise, rapid rise of temperature, chills, marked prostration, and nausea. When it is up to four to six days a rash will appear all around your body and your eyes will go bleary. Now right now you read all the symptoms how would you feel if you all of these.


Can you this disease that is so deadly. Can you believe so many people have this and they survive. You go through a lot if you have typhus. You learned all about typhus, now if your friends ask what typhus is you can tell them.

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