Coniferous Forests

One of the Earth's eight biomes.

What are Coniferous Forests?

Coniferous forests are located across North America, Europe, and Asia. The trees there are Evergreen and they are very thin and very tall. They have pine needle shaped leaves to absorb the small amount of moisture and their seeds are produced through pine cones. The temperature there ranges from -40 degrees C to 20 degrees C, they have 6 long frozen winter months and six long humid summer months. Precipitation amounts range from 300-900 millimeters of rain per year.

Only a few species

The coniferous forests do not house many animal species, but a few animals that do live there are Bald Eagles, Eastern Milk Snakes, Moose, Tassel-eared Squirrels, and Great Grey Owls. Not many animals live or survive there because of the harsh weather conditions and the limited food supply during the winter.