Early Childhood Education

“Think and wonder, wonder and think.” by Dr. Seuss

Monday Mindset

Hello ECE,

I just couldn't start the week without a Monday Mindset. I think we need some normal in our lives right now and hopefully this will help.

Please watch the following video: "How you treat people"

After you watch the video, please fill out this Google Form:

By filling out this form you are verifying that you:

1. do check your email. Please check it daily.

2. that you read your email and complete assignments.

3. that you know we still need to be in contact with each other.

Big picture

Things to work on...

There are a few things ECE students can be working on this week in order to be ready for April 6th.

* All ECE students were working on the "Welcome Spring" Party. Please finish the Lesson Plan, the Concept Card and the Checklist for your activity.

* All ECE students were working on their "Developmental Milestones" Project. Please make sure you have finished the rough-draft. Some of you have the "slideshow" template. Some of you need it. Please email me if you need the template and I will help you.

* ECE Juniors can work on their FEMA Certifications --- if you are not sure what to do...please email me.

Early Childhood Education

Please remember, this is a very unusual time. Check your email on a regular basis. Email me if you have questions or concerns.