Mikail McDavid

Son, Student, Freelance artist, Otaku, DC flash nerd #IDC


September 2013-present

Cardinal Ambrozic Secondary School, Brampton, ON

-Currently in grade 11

-Maintained a 75 – 85 percent average

-Received honor roll in grade 9 and 10


August 2014-2015

Volunteer link leader for Cardinal Ambrozic S.S

-Organized orientation room and gave tours around the school

-Lead students to their stations in cafeteria and BOYD Conservation Center

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Interests: favourite DC and anime characters

Favourite anime quotes

Favourite quotes

people who inspired me to continue doing what I do (aside from my family)

Aside from the pictures, my inspirations consists of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Lee, Chris Niosi/Kirbopher, Jazza, Kyle Hebert, Masashi Kishimoto, Micah Solusod, Monty Oum, Sean Schemmel,Todd Haberkorn Troy Baker.

Other skills: things I've done

April 2015-Present

Freelance artist

School artist

-illustrated for future aces club book

-Respectful and detailed in work


Hospitality staff lunch program

-volunteer staff server

Freelance/Buisness artwork

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