Only Dummies Drop-out

Your not a Dummy so don't drop out

Dropping-Out Isn't Worth it

So as a student I agree with the statement “School is a Prison” we are really too nice to say that but if someone did we would nod in agreement. In reality School and Prison really aren't that far off from we are stripped of our freedom and are given rules and instructions if we fail to comply we are given consequences. The article also states prison inmates have more freedom than students in school. I guess this feeling of confinement and stress could very well be the reason for students to drop-out of school why freely attend a prison when you could simply never go at all. About 1.2 million students drop out of school each year. that would narrow down to one student drops out every 26 seconds. Another cause could be a student's own view of their intelligence. So maybe they don’t get enough praise or are put down by teachers. Only about 25% of new Freshmen graduate on time. But to me I can’t imagine that a drop out would not regret their decision it's estimated that a high school drop out will make $200000 less in their lifetime than someone who did graduate high school.
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Ultimate Plan For Action

The Ultimate plan consists of well many things that could be done. We could allow more freedom in classes. I think a way to help would be to categorize classes not only on skill level but in learning styles. we could determine a lot if we had some sort of aptitude test that we could figure out how students learn, and what subjects they excel in and also the ones that may require more developing. by doing this we could increase a students feel of their personal intelligence. I also think a broad range of extra curricular activities with help students feel like school isn't that much of a prison. By doing this we could we could prevent drop-outs and the numerous problems that dropping out may lead to such as delinquency, poverty, teen pregnancy and many others. So by preventing drop outs we can also counter these issues.