Solar energy

By: Wyatt, Richard, Ashwin, Sarvesh

Facts and Changes (A)

  • We are using solar energy for our project.
  • We are planning to install solar panels in our ceilings and roofs.
  • We are doing this to generate electricity for our school without wasting too much electricity using other methods.
  • It will help make electricity quicker and more efficiently.
  • The only thing about it is that it costs way too much.
  • And this for our middle school, CMS West.

How To Install and Maintain (B)

  • It would take $1,100 to install and buy a solar panel.
  • People would go on the roof to install it
  • Solar panels require very little maintenance.
  • Solar panels don't rust or breakdown, but it is important that solar panels do not have dirt or debris that blocks the sun from hitting the solar panel.

Cost v.s. Savings (C)

  • If we got 200-300 solar panels it would cost about 1.5 million with installation.
  • Every month the average school pays about 11,000 dollars in electricity
  • In only a couple of years if we got solar power we would start to save money by not having to pay the electric bill.

Pros and Cons (D)


  • the major con of solar energy is the of the solar panels
  • solar energy is only able to produce electricity during daylight
  • the weather can effect the efficiency of solar energy


  • solar energy is a renewable source of energy (at least until the sun runs out of light in billions of years)
  • having solar energy saves money because it produces energy for you instead of paying for it
  • the government has also made many tax credits for companies and people who invest in solar and other clean energy systems

The End