Increasing demand of Adjustable bed

Adjustable beds Florida

It seems like all mattress stores now have adjustable beds. I was looking for an adjustable bed Ocala fl, and found at least five different retail stores that all had “the best price”. In doing my research, I found out a few things that might help you in your search.

There are VERY few makers of adjustable beds. This makes it extremely easy to compare pricing.

There is a difference between motors – some have AC and some have DC. There are pros and cons for each, find a knowledgeable sales person and pick their brain about it.

There are many different types of mattresses. Memory foam is the most recommended, but there is innerspring, latex, even adjustable air beds Ocala fl. This is what I picked for my mother, that way she could adjust the feel and the position until she was comfortable.

When they say “massage”, it’s really just vibrate. This is no massage chair.

I checked out prices of adjustable beds Tampa fl, but didn’t find a major savings. The local adjustable bed Ocala store offered free delivery, and ended up being less expensive due to that.

A 20 year warranty isn’t a full replacement warranty. Some of it is replacement, some of it is parts. Get the details, and find out if there is a technician in your area that services these beds.

If you don’t want your bed in the middle of the room, make sure that you buy a “wallhugger”. This means that the bed moves in a certain way, to be flush up against the wall at all times. This also means that you can use your headboard with no problems. Most, but not all bases are wallhuggers. Make sure that you check this out before you buy.

Wireless remotes vs. wired remotes – one takes batteries, but you may lose it. The other is attached to the bed, but you may have to reach for it. Six one, half dozen the other.

If you want to use a headboard, ask the retailer for the brackets. Sometimes they come with the bed, most of the time they are extra. Have them install them for you, when they deliver the bed.

Some bases come with different height legs. I chose the lowest for my mother, she’s short and has a hard time lifting her legs. These are often extra, and like the brackets, have the delivery men set it up for you. Otherwise, you’ll have to tip the bed over to install them.

Overall, I purchased my bed at a local adjustable beds Ocala fl store, Dr Snooze. I’ve had no problems with the bed, or the delivery. My mom loves it. Good luck with your own adjustable bed shopping!

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