The Whole Story of Half A Girl

By Veera Hiranandani

Realistic Fiction is the Name!

The Whole Story of Half a Girl is a book part of the realistic fiction genre.


Sonia Nadhamuni

Sonia is a 5th grader at Community private school. She is half Jewish and half Indian.
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Supporting Characters


Sonia needs to adjust to a new school. As she starts to get the hang of it her dad disappears!


Sonia goes to Community private school and has a lot of friends. One day at dinner her dad introduces that he lost his job. Sonia and her sisters have to move to a public school, because Community is a very expensive school. They quickly adjust and Sonia makes a couple of friends. She soon joins the cheerleader squad to only be an alternate. Time flies and her dad goes missing. Will Sonia get a piece of her heart back, her dad?


This is one of the best realistic fiction book that I have read, it is great.


This book is such a good book and other readers agree. The Whole Story of Half a Girl has a 4.4 stars (out of five).


This book is a great book. It has twists and turns that you can totally relate to. Since you can relate to it you can feel how the character feels.

Favorite Part

My favorite part is when Sonia's dad goes missing. I like it because it creates a lot of suspense and mystery, which makes you want to know more.

About the Author

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Veera Hirandani

Veera Hirandani is a fictional writer who loves her job. She herself is half indian and half jewish.