How to Have a Great Presentation!

The Challenge of Public Speaking

When asked, most people would say that they do not enjoy public speaking. Having all eyes on you can be intimidating and overwhelming, especially if you are a sky person. It can also be difficult to present to your peers in a way that is interesting and engaging. However, there are a few steps that you can take to make presenting to your classmates a little easier! The following link explains in 7 easy steps, how to make sure you have a fabulous presentation!

Tools You Can Use To Take Your Presentation From Good to Great!

There are many different ways you can choose to present your information to your audience. Some of the most well known options are Power Point and Prezzi. However, you are not limited to those options. Below, you will find links to different tools that you can use for your presentation, as well as exemplars as to how those tools can be used to create a great presentation. I would highly recommend that you give these tools a try. They can make the difference in taking your presentation from good to great!


Powtoon is a lot of fun because you can turn your presentation into a cartoon. You will have to create an account to use this tool and if you want access to some of the more interesting features there is a cost. However, you can make a great powtoon free of charge by using the basic applications.
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Adobe Spark/Voice

This is a very cool tool because you can use it to make a variety of things that can enhance your presentation. You can make a social graphic, a web story or an animated video quickly and easily. There are links on the site that you can watch to learn how to get started designing your presentation. Below the link to Adobe Spark is an exemplar created by one of the students at my school. Hopefully this will inspire you and give you an idea of what is possible using Adobe Spark!


Like Adobe Spark, there are many different options for creating a presentation using Piktochart. You can create an infographic, a slide presentation, a poster or a report. It also contains a great tutorial within the site to figure out how to create your presentation. It does have some features that have a cost attached but you should be able to make an excellent presentation by using the free version. Below is the link to Piktochart, as well as a few exemplars that students have used to create an infographic.

Haiku Deck

For those of you who are fans of using Power Point but want to jazz up your presentation a bit, I would highly recommend trying Haiku Deck. The great thing about Haiku Deck is that, unlike Power Point where you have to search for the images that you want to use in your presentation, Haiku Deck has a wide assortment of images that are easily accessible and are free to use. The downside of Haiku Deck is that if you want to embed video into your presentation, you have to upgrade to the pro version at a cost. However, if you are not adding video to your presentation, this tool is a great option.

A Few Final Tips for an Amazing Presentation!

Now that you have options for your presentation, you want to make sure you are using those tools effectively. Here are a few tips to make sure that you make an impact when presenting!

  1. Make sure your presentation doesn't have too many slides and the font size used on the slides should be large (around 30pt font).
  2. Be entertaining and engaging.
  3. Slow down! A mistake that so many presenters make is that they speak too quickly. Take your time and slow down your pace.
  4. Use short stories, quips and anecdotes to connect with your audience.
  5. Project your voice.
  6. Come early to make sure that your tech is working.
  7. Have fun!