Simon Birch Visual Project

Hanna Mooney


Faith and determination can lead you to great things.

I believe this theme fits the movie best. Simon states, "Do you want to hear my destiny? I want to be a hero...I have been patient but I'm running out of time... God has a plan." (Simon Birch). Simon has faith and believes in himself and tries to teach others to have that too, it leads him to great places and to do great things. He is also very determined to conquer and accomplish his goals.

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Simons Character

Simon Birch is a very kind and heartfelt boy. He goes out of his way to help others in need. Simon was born with a birth defect, so he was different from everybody else, and didn't grow very tall at all. Sometimes he was treated differently just because he wasn't the same as everybody else, but that didn't stop him from anything. He had faith in himself, and believed in himself no matter what. Simon is static character. He keeps the same beliefs throughout the film, and always has faith and his goals. Simon states "I want to be a hero" Simon Birch.

Major Events

First major event, Mrs. Rebecca Wentworth dies.

I can just remember that moment. When coach told me to hit that ball, I didn't want to. I kept hesitating and hesitating, but finally, for the first time ever I hit that ball. It soared so high! I was filled with joy and excitement. Just until the umpire yelled "Foul ball!" and Mrs. Wentworth was walking on the sidewalk. I saw the ball hit her head, and down she went. I just can't get that awful sight out of my head. I was heartbroken. Mrs. Wentworth had died. In paradise, may the angels lead you.

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Second major event, Christmas musical.

Well it was that time of the year. Christmas musical time. I was of course baby Jesus. I was laying in the cradle and all the sudden I saw her. The most beautiful girl in the world. I couldn't help myself so I grabbed her and pulled her in. It was awesome, but then it was total chaos. My friend who was playing the angel, well he fell down and threw up on my teacher. I got in lots of trouble from Reverend Russel.

Third major event, Bus crash.

The roads were really icy, I remember seeing that deer jump out right in front of the bus. We swerved and went off the hill. Everyone was screaming and panicking. We went through trees and then all the sudden.. A lake. The bus starts filling up with water, the bus driver leaves us and gets out himself. I take control and help lead everyone out of the back of the bus. I then realize there was one boy missing. I go back and see he is stuck so I help him out safely. But then the bus goes under, I can hear Joe screaming my name. I try and get out of the sunken bus as soon as I can. I was in shock. The next morning I woke up in a hospital room. I remember telling Joe, I want to be a hero before I die, or at least die being one. And at that moment, I knew it was my time to go. God has a plan for everyone.

Baseball kills woman (Simon Birch)