WilmU LeaderCamp

Wilmington University's First Leadership Unconference!

WilmU LeaderCamp

Saturday, Aug. 11th 2012 at 9am-3pm

320 DuPont Highway New Castle, DE 19720-6491

Meet in the auditorium for coffee, welcoming remarks, and scheduling. Breakout sessions will be held in the 3rd floor classrooms.

Welcome to WilmU LeaderCamp!

WilmU LeaderCamp is a free unconference for students, faculty, and alumni of Wilmington University. Based on the Edcamp model and devoted to issues and ideas surrounding leadership in all its forms, WilmU LeaderCamp's goal is to assemble forward-thinking leaders and leaders-to-be in PK-12 education, higher education, and other organizations for a day of conversation, reflection, and inspiration.

There are no keynotes. There is no preset agenda. Everything to be discussed that day is determined by the attendees themselves on the morning of the event.

If you’ve never been to an unconference, don’t worry. You’re virtually assured to leave at the end of the day renewed, invigorated, and overflowing with ideas to bring back to your place of employment.

How is that possible?

Most people say that the best part of “traditional” conferences is the conversation that occurs with fellow participants between sessions, or perhaps over lunch.

Now, imagine an entire CONFERENCE built around conversations – informal, small-group gatherings with honest, earnest discourse where the expertise is fully acknowledged to be IN THE ROOM – not just at the front of it.

THAT is an Edcamp. THAT is what makes the learning experience powerful. THAT is why YOU need to attend!

An Introduction to Edcamp

The following video was created for the original Edcamp (Edcamp Philly 2010 - an unconference for educators). It provides some context and background for Wilmu LeaderCamp. While our event revolves around leadership and is not confined to education, this video may answer some of the questions you may have.
Edcamp Philly 2010

Registering for the Event

In order to secure your spot at this *FREE* event, please complete this BRIEF survey (2 minutes!) first. Results from this survey will help us to make our first LeaderCamp a successful one.

Upon completion of the survey, you may register by clicking HERE.

Please feel free to share this information with your Cohort colleagues, professors, and WilmU MA and EdD Alumni!

Meet Your LeaderCamp Organizers

The inaugural WilmU LeaderCamp was organized by Wilmington University doctoral students Chrissi Miles (OL, Cohort 20), Bill Marble (OL, Cohort 20), Todd Hackett-Slimm (OL, Cohort 20), and Damian Bariexca (EL, Cohort 21).

Special thanks to Dr. Mike, Ann Gibason, and Dr. Lanzillo for their support and guidance throughout the planning of the inaugural WilmU LeaderCamp! We appreciate all that you have done to make this event a reality!