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District State Testing Updates

It is that time of year again...state testing organization in the district! Mrs. Kondikoff and I have put together some information for your planning purposes and to keep you informed with dates and other important points in regards to state testing. Below you will see the district's testing schedule as well as the PowerPoint that was presented by school administrators.

Should you have any questions about testing, feel free to contact Mrs. Dutt at the middle school or Mrs. Kondikoff at the elementary school. We will do our best to answer your questions and hear your concerns.

2016 PARCC and NJASK Science Dates

PARCC - Grades 3-8

April 4-7

Math Grades 3 and 4 Only administered in Grades 4 and 8

April 11-13

ELA Grades 3 and 4

April 18-21

Math Grades 5 and 6

April 25-27

ELA Grade 7 and Math Grade 8

May 2-4

ELA Grades 5 and 6

May 9-11

ELA Grade 8 and Math Grade 7

NJASK Science - Only adiministered in Grades 4 and 8

May 25 for both grades and May 26 for the make-up day.

PARCC for Parents Presentation

Please see the PowerPoint below with information regarding the PARCC assessments and testing schedule in the district.