By: Abbey Nugent


ITrailer was my favorite project in technology because you get to choose what you want to talk about and that is always so much fun because then you get to talk about something that you are truly interested in.

Explain Everything

Explain everything was really helped me learn how to use technology better because there were some parts of the project that were really difficult because you had to add in math problems and had to try new things on the app but over all it was pretty exciting.

Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck was lots of fun because you got to pick your project and the career that you wanted and it made me really think if i really wanted to have this job and think if its a good fit for me or not and it was really helpful but most importantly it was fun!


Coding in my opinion was very hard at first but then it got really exciting because you had to code different things and got to try new things and i really liked that part of technology! Coding is allowing the object on the screen to move by putting in a code.

Career Locker

Career Locker took up most of the year we did Career Locker with Mrs.VandenBoogaard Career locker is when you learn about your dream job then figure out what job would be best for you and your skills.Then once you figure out that then you do projects on that job.

Learn to type\Typing web

Typing is all year and we do it for five minutes before every it helps with your skills of typing it helped me a lot by teaching me how to type the right way and it also made me a faster more accurate.