Automotive Repair & Maintenance

I'll fix your car for the right price!

Job Description

This job pays $21,531 - $59,334 annually. Being a mechanic takes strength and dexterity. It also takes training programs in high school. The job is really fun. If you love cars, being a mechanic is the job for you. You can have your own shop if you’re a really good mechanic. If you’re good enough, you can be on a pit crew for a racecar driver. The programs take from 6 months to a year. You also need good communication skills. For college, you only need 2 years of it. The job needs for you to have the ability to manage time wisely.

Tell me the car you want me to fix.

My advantages are that if I'm a skilled auto mechanic, I can earn a high income. You can maintain your own cars, avoid breakdowns on the highway and fix any problems that do happen.

People can be annoying and make you stressful while you are working.

You should have good communication skills, good problem solving skills, strength and dexterity, and organization skills.