News from the Learning Commons

May 2017 Edition


Some Neat Publishing Platforms

Looking for a quick way to have students publish something online without creating an account? Google's Storybuilder is a fun way for students to write a short story between characters. The final product has the same look as if the characters were collaborating on a Google Doc. Students can add up to 10 characters and even set the story to music. Once done, there is a link to share. is another simple publishing site. Students create a story and have the option of adding pictures or video. Once published, a unique URL can be copied and shared. Another option is inklewriter. Students write a choose your own adventure style story. Students will need an account to share their stories with a link. However, they can save the stories and continue to edit.

(An easy way to collect links from students is by using a Google Form! All in one place and time stamped.)

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Lit Trips with Google Earth Now on Chromebooks

Until now, Google Lit Trips were only available through a traditional computer. They can now be used on Chromebooks along with the new Google Earth. What is a Lit Trip? These are downloadable files that mark the journey of characters from literature on the surface of Google Earth. Students can view and click on description boxes that may contain text, links, and activities related to the book. You must download a file and then upload to Google Earth to view. If you need assistance, please let me know! There are Lit Trips suitable for all grades. The one pictured above is from A Long Walk to Water.