If He Had Been With Me

Author: Laura Nowlin ~ By: Pamela Santiago

Main Characters:

  • Autumn
  • Phineas (Finny)
  • Aunt Angelina ( Finny's mom)
  • Aunt Carol ( Autumn's mom)
  • Sylvie
  • Jamie


This book begins by telling us how Finny died in a car accident with his girlfriend Sylvie. It was in Autumn's perspective. She said that if she had been with him, maybe he would still be alive. Autumn and Finny were best friends their whole lives because their mothers were best friends since high school and they are also neighbors. The mothers have a sisterly bond and they help each other through divorce and problems they both encounter with their kids. Finny and Autumn fell apart in high school because Autumn had become friends with the popular girls. They also had different interests and slowly stopped talking to each other unless they had a family gathering. In high school, Autumn met a new boy named Jaime, and instantly fell in love with him. They went out from freshman year to junior year. At first, everything was perfect for Autumn. But she began to feel bad and regretted losing her friendship with Finny. During the time when Autumn goes put with Jaime, she admires him and she tells herself that she really does love Jaime. But at the same time she feels feelings of regret for not being with Finny.