Beech Class

Week of October 5

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no school this Monday, October 12


The kids worked hard in end-of-day meetings this week to compose a few sentences about what we did each day. They composed a full chart paper about our week. And we forgot the paper at school! Please tell your kids we are so sorry we forgot. Here are some highlights:

  • On Monday, we met Studio Sara and made shape collages with paper and glue.
  • On Tuesday, Rasha was coughing and sneezing too much, so she stayed home. We had Sustainability with Kirsten.
  • On Wednesday, we went to Community Gathering. It was a half day.
  • On Thursday, we went to Fort Greene Park and we had Music with Sara.
  • On Friday, we went to Fort Greene Park again.

Ask your child what we forgot!

A change to our mornings:

We notice that some children are having a harder time participating when their grown-ups stay for Morning Meeting. For this reason, we will be asking grown-ups and kids to say goodbye to each other at the beginning of Morning Meeting for the next couple of weeks. We'll see how it goes!

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Studio Sara came for our first session on Monday. Children worked to thoughtfully arrange shapes on their papers before gluing them down. At the end of the session, there was a share where children talked about their collage arrangements. There was lots of great discussion and description of different shapes!

More Math Games

Kindergartners learned new math games this week. One game involved turning over an attribute card and finding all the shapes with the attribute listed: big, small, thick, thin, red, blue, yellow, etc. Another game required children to roll a die and then count out that number of counters. Partners checked each other's counting.


We had our first share of children's writing work this week. The class worked together to compare two stories using a Venn diagram. Children noticed that both stories had people in them, both stories happened in a particular place, and that in both stories, something was happening! These are important components of kindergarten stories!

In both Reading and Writing Workshops, children learned that readers and writers try to help themselves when they get stuck, just like Herman! Herman is the main character in the book Herman, the Helper, by Robert Kraus. As children become more independent in their reading and writing work, teachers will be able to pull small groups and meet individually with children to teach strategies and skills.

Exploration Time in the Classroom

Exploration Time is a favorite time of day. Thanks to Patrick and family, we had new purple and orange play dough and cookie cutters this week! Ask your child about his or her choices during Exploration Time this week.

Fort Greene Park Collecting and Exploring

On our Friday Fort Greene Park trip, children had their own baggies for collecting. Children collected rocks, sticks, fallen leaves and soil. We enjoyed having snack at the park, also. We sang our snack song first:

Thank you for this food, this food

This glorious, glorious food

And the animals

And the vegetables

And the minerals

That made it possible

Thank You



We want to welcome and thank Jennifer (Amelie's mom) and Erin (Patrick's mom) for volunteering to be class parents for Beech Class!

Also, belated (sorry!) thanks to the many families who sent us beautiful plants for our classroom! They make our space so lovely!

Things we could use:

Extra socks!

Socks get wet, dirty, and uncomfortable for various reasons. We'd love to have a supply of extra socks to make sure kids' feet are comfortable and dry.

More play dough!

A batch of play dough lasts about a week before it starts to get a little gross. Last week's play dough might still be ok on Tuesday, but new colors/textures/scents are always welcome!


We'd like to use dry beans for a few different activities. We're hoping for a variety of colors and sizes. Red lentils and split peas are probably too small, but we'd happily accept and use anything from small black eyed peas to larger limas!

More Superhero Stuff!

We want to open our Superhero Center, but we don't have enough capes/masks/stuff to maintain it for a week. We don't want to open it until we can keep it going for at least a week!


We'd like to start cooking with kids in the classroom. Are there any grown-ups who would like to coordinate with us to help out?

Many thanks,

Madeleine and Rasha

More shots of the week