Daily Hygiene Routines

By; Bella Girard and Natalie Leding

Morning Routine

Every morning weather you are headed out the door to school or if your are just going downstairs for breakfast, it is always a good idea to wash your face. If you have a naturally oily face you can buy oil free face wash that helps protect your skin and eliminate acne / dirt.

Prior to washing your face, brushing your teeth is very important. Overnight your mouth has been closed and fumes / other items or bacteria that was on your teeth before you slept has built up and affected your breath and whiteness. It it essential for good teeth to brush them at least twice a day.

Also, if you have long hair or even short hair, brushing after a long night of tangles is good for your hair and image. Although it is not as important as teeth and face it still contributes to your overall feeling and hygiene.

Going through puberty or just being a teen, you have body odor. It is a normal part of life and growing up, that is why every girl and boy should wear deodorant. It does not stop sweating, but it does help odor drastically.

Like brushing your hair, not putting on lotion does not make you unhygienic but it certainly couldn't not help. Lotion hydrates your skin, and keeps it from drying out or looking ashy, especially during very cold or hot weather. It helps preserve healthy, good smelling skin. You should not slather it with layers on top of the same places of your skin, but you should make your you cover your thighs, lower legs, arms, and sometimes if you have the correct type, your face.

Cleaning out your ears with Q tips does not have to be an everyday action, but it should happen quite often. Wax and other things build up in your ears over time, maybe even left over conditioner from your shower. It is important to do this at least twice a week.
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Night Routine

If you are a girl that wears makeup it is important to remove it with wipes that also cleans off dirt from your face, prior to showering. It is up to you weather you wash your face in the shower or after the shower, either way after a long day you should wash your face.

During the shower, depending on what your hair type is you should shampoo and condition your hair thoroughly. If you have greasy hair, lower the amount of conditioner you apply to your scalp.

If you shave your legs or underarms it is a good idea to have some kind of shaving cream or body wash applied to area that way your skin does not have razor burn or get cut by the razor.

Body wash can be used for shaving but it is also needed to cleanse your body of dirt or odor by washing it efficiently.

Before you go to bed you must wash your teeth, all of the things you've eaten throughout the day has built up in between your teeth and possibly stained them, you will sleep much better with clean teeth and minty breath.
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There are many jobs that revolve around personal hygiene and health, such as a doctor, hair and makeup specialist, nutritionist, dentist, nurse, pharmacist, and many more. All of these professons help us learn what is essential to being clean and staying clean.

Guarenteed to make you feel and look better

Some younger teens said "I wear deodarant but i still sweat, Am i doing something wrong?"

No, you are doing just fine, the reason you still sweat is because deodorant does not stop or cut off sweat glands its job is to block odor for your overall smell.

Mechanicial Tooth brush And Hair Brush

The tooth brush be used for five minutes at least twice a day
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